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>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)03:16  No.65795  OP  P1
some movement

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>>Anonymous  3feb2019(su)06:22  No.66399  A  P2R1
this is so fucked up lol
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  3feb2019(su)08:42  No.66404  B  P3R2
this is some crazy weeb shit dude
creator/developer must be a pedophile (if im right)
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)23:05  No.66435  C  P4R3
maybe he's a pedophile, but at least he's a pedophile who keeps drawing and uploading OC, so he's instantly better than any of us
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  5feb2019(tu)06:10  No.66449  D  P5R4
i guess you are right thankfully he dosen't rape children
now where is my trusty barfing bag and eye bleach
>>Destrosity  12feb2019(tu)21:27  No.66589  E  P6R5
Yea I'm not fond of this either but I agree. HAVING a fetish and acting upon those fetishes is a very broad jump. You have to make a willing bad decision to act upon this fetish but you can't really control having it.
>>Anonymous  13feb2019(we)00:04  No.66590  F  P7R6
No sir I dont like this one bit
>>Anonymous  13feb2019(we)00:17  No.66591  G  P8R7
aaaaaand you just bumped the thing you don't like one bit. xD
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  13feb2019(we)10:36  No.66598  H  P9R8
i think >>66589 did the bumping
also im calling the Sageman
>>Anonymous  14feb2019(th)12:00  No.66616  C  P10R9
every reply without a sage is considered a bump
if you hate something, sage it, or else you'll support the thread instead
>>Disgusted  15feb2019(fr)16:01  No.66635  I  P11R10
Stop posting this fucking shit, piece of shits
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  15feb2019(fr)17:35  No.66638  J  P12R11
oh thx what about thyme
>>Anonymous  15feb2019(fr)19:18  No.66640  K  P13R12

what suppose if i say:
- i wanna kill u
- i wanna rape u
- i wanna rape your girl
so am i a murder, pervert, then pedophile ?

if i fall in love to you, am i gay?

since i didn't do anything in real, is a fantasy murder and pervert sick?
is gay and pedophile sick also?

>>Anonymous  16feb2019(sa)12:46  No.66646  L  P14R13
uhh are you fucking equating being a fucking pedophile and being gay cuz uhhhhhhh
>>Anonymous  16feb2019(sa)17:54  No.66651  C  P15R14
ahhh, now you baited me

the example you gave is a very poor analogy
what you described could be considered ATTEMPTED murder or whatever
it's about you expressing you want to do something and the stage of that exercise, aka not as bad as doing it, but still clearly bad
what loli=/=pedo shit is about, is called ABSTRACTION
you express that you want to do something, but you don't want to do it to any real being in reality
you fap to some hot lolis, but don't give a damn about real children
the abstract fantasy of a loli entices you, but not the reality that it is grounded in, to put it short - you don't rape children by fapping to loli hentai
saying that you'd want to fuck real children makes you a worrysome candidate for qualitytime with BUBBA - and that for a very good reason
fapping to real cheese pizza is debatable, but strictly speaking you still influence nothing that happens on screen, so you're not causing a damn thing

to use your analogy
>I wanna kill u
means you want to do a bad thing (shoutouts to Nevada-tan)
>I wanna kill Spongebob
not a bad thing, as it is not something that can be done in reality
edgy, but not murderous intent

also: considering rule30, then yes, you falling in love with me would make you very much gay

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  16feb2019(sa)17:58  No.66652  M  P16R15
the duck says why am i laughing

double lawl

>>Anonymous  17feb2019(su)09:07  No.66663  K  P17R16
sorry my bad english may confused us, my point is don't us pedophile as lolicon. let me explain my post, the first 3 can be see as declare of crime, since i don't know you in real so this is just a analogy or joke, in my mind:
- kill a people in real - a murder
- want kill a people - nothing
- want kill a people an post it out - crime declar/ joke
- rape a man - crime and pervert
- rape a man's daughter - crime
- do any sexaul things to whatever underage in real - crime
- a man only love male - gay
- love litte girl in real - pedophile
- love cartoon girl looks under age - lolicon

pedophile likes the gay, it's just a special sexual orientation, since gay is not a disease today, pedophile shout not also, does every gay raped a male? don't look pedophile as crime. he love little girls not meaning he will rape a girl, if i love you im a gay as much, not a rapist criminal.

>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)11:07  No.66690  C  P18R17
Hmm, I think I understand, your comment was written in sarcastic/rhetocial questions.
Thanks for pointing it out.
Yes, there's a lot of confusing and emotional discussion about that topic (even here on swfchan), but theoretically you're right. Having a sexual orientation isn't the same as acting on it, and that is (should be?) what you're judged on.
Gays just earned that with decades of decadent struggle, but I doubt the same will happen to pedophiles and I wouldn't neccessarily want it, just like with gays. Don't witch-hunt them, but I don't want them shoved in my face either, same with pedos. Let them rot in their cellar. The worst pedos are the ones that have all the power and money they need (pic related), not Mr.30-years-old-virgin-lolicon-basement-dweller.

Let's just say the sheer existence of them or probability of criminal intent is enough reason for most societies to just remove kebab from the premises, be there actually harmful intent or not.
>3 years jail
>What you're in for?
>I killed a man.
>I robbed people of their well deserved money by tricking them with computers.
>I used a computer to aid in my masturbation.

I mean, basically every person wants to have children and you need to break a few eggs if you want to make an omlette, knowwhatI'msayin?


>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  18feb2019(mo)15:26  No.66694  N  P19R18
JFC where did you get that pic
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  18feb2019(mo)16:21  No.66696  N  P20
forgot to add this

because of this i can no longer sleep at night
source dden-part-of-internet-lolita-slave

>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)20:55  No.66702  O  P21R19
>"I'm a gay"
This is funny
>>Anonymous  18feb2019(mo)21:11  No.66704  G  P22R20
to quote cop Morty "nobody gives a fuck"
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)04:50  No.66713  P  P23R21
That's pretty good.
>>Anonymous  19feb2019(tu)18:40  No.66746  K  P24R22
cant sleep also when i first read this kinds of stuff
but when I found there's tons hentai comic about this kinds of subject in japanese culture...
and prossible really happened/happening in my country ...
>>Anonymous  28apr2019(su)22:50  No.68377  Q  P25R23
im sure....she smell so good
>>w7-890 was kidnapped by bad lolis  29apr2019(mo)16:22  No.68402  R  P26
sage goes in every field you queer


>>Anonymous  3may2019(fr)22:41  No.68499  S  P27R24
*close your eyes and take a very deep breath*
imagine how good her smell is....
>>Anonymous  5may2019(su)19:44  No.68532  C  P28R25
smells like piss and strawberries
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