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>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)14:00  No.65775  OP  P1
New flash from Rock Candy and Mittsies.

Spectacular Spectrophilia.swf (39.21 MiB)
1500x1000, Compressed (Deflate). 21 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Rock Candy  4jan2019(fr)17:14  No.65777  A  P2R1
It's finally done.
I'm hoping this will either make you fap or laugh.
>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)19:14  No.65781  B  P3R2
Didn't this come out months ago? Is anything different in this version?
>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)20:25  No.65782  C  P4R3
I like it but where does the bulk of the file size come from? Audio? Also why did you disable zoom options in the right click menu? That's not good.
>>Rock Candy  4jan2019(fr)20:29  No.65783  A  P5R4
That was a work in progress that someone leaked from patreon. This is the final version.

Yep, audio.

>>Anonymous  4jan2019(fr)22:19  No.65784  C  P6R5
Do you use maximum 64 kbps mp3 for voices? More is not needed for human voices, it's safe to use way less even. Telephone quality is equal to something like 24 kbps or less. Music shouldn't be above 128 kbps mp3 but could be much lower if low volume background music with voices and samples on top. Most people wouldn't tell the difference between 80 kbps and 128 kbps unless "side by side".
>>Rock Candy  5jan2019(sa)01:07  No.65787  A  P7R6
Well, I don't think you can make a difference in quality between different sound files in flash.
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)03:12  No.65792  C  P8R7
you can, mate. Right-click audio in library > properties > compression (drop down) > select mp3 and then configure its quality.
only those with Default compression in the drop down will get the default audio event quality that you can set in the publish settings.
>>Rock Candy  5jan2019(sa)04:28  No.65796  A  P9R8
I see. Then I know next time.
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)06:16  No.65800  D  P10R9
How do you get the third ending?
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)06:39  No.65801  E  P11R10
i thought there was just a good and bad ending
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)08:25  No.65804  F  P12R11
....considering how long you've been working in flash... how did you not know this? This is basic (not meaning to be rude)
>>Anonymous  5jan2019(sa)12:30  No.65807  G  P13R12
So are there a ton more voice clips in this version than the patreon version? Because this is 6 times the size and I'm not noticing anything different.
>>Rock Candy  5jan2019(sa)14:09  No.65808  A  P14R13
Because I only use it to animate and don't care for the technical details or the filesize.

Click on Sofi in the good end.

>>some cute anonymous mouse  5jan2019(sa)16:17  No.65810  H  P15R14

who leaked this shit

>>Anonymous  6jan2019(su)08:26  No.65826  E  P16R15
i SURE with there was a way to get rid of all the cum
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)01:24  No.65867  I  P17R16
i ripped the audio, batch re-encoded at 32kbps with audacity/LAME. started injecting them back into the flash, til i realized there is close to 900 files. fuck that!
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)01:42  No.65868  C  P18R17
damn, that's a lot. out of curiosity, if you selected all of your re-encoded files how big were they all together? zip them and we'd get a good estimate of how big the swf COULD be
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)03:02  No.65870  I  P19R18
extracted mp3s were 37.8 MB.
saving them as 32 kbps was 7.75 MB
zipped 7.44 MB

i may bite the bullet and patch it.

>>Rock Candy  8jan2019(tu)10:24  No.65883  A  P20R19
I'm going to make a small update to it to add credits to the musician, who I tried to get ahold of since march last year and just replied to my messages since he saw the flash released, and I can switch up the sound quality to lower the file size. So, you don't need to.
>>Anonymous  8jan2019(tu)18:38  No.65890  I  P21R20
whew! very cool, thank you.
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)09:49  No.65913  J  P22R21
So is this just a blowjob? seriously?
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)12:19  No.65919  F  P23R22
teres anal and vaginal
>>Anonymous  13jan2019(su)22:00  No.65968  K  P24R23
nice, this might even be able to end up on /f/ that way
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)09:50  No.65988  C  P25R24
Cool! Hope you can get it below 10 MB, according to >>65870 it seems to be possible with enough space over for decent music quality. Might be worthwhile to keep music at 80 kbps in order to be able to give key voices a little more bytes.
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)15:35  No.65990  L  P26R25
>Rock Candy

( X ) Doubt

>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)15:53  No.65991  L  P27
click on painting, click on book, wait for painting to fall, click on wand. use tab key to look for clickables
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)17:01  No.65992  M  P28R26
meh he not such a buttmunch anymore so expect the occasional vaginal from now on
>>Rock Candy  14jan2019(mo)19:55  No.65996  A  P29R27
It did turn out a little above 10 MB, even when I lowered the kpbs of all the sounds. I didn't really want to poke around too much with it, since I've had so much trouble with it already.
>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)09:21  No.66017  K  P30R28
it's daijobu
/f/ will most likely not appreciate anyway and they got the early leak
>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)17:02  No.67026  N  P31R29
what does the book do? it's clickable but it seems like nothing happens
>>Anonymous  28feb2019(th)22:01  No.67032  O  P32R30
Changes music.
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