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>>Anonymous  21dec2018(fr)11:52  No.65593  OP  P1
Possession- A Diives Animation.swf (6.5 MiB)
640x480, Uncompressed. 1391 frames, 24 fps (00:58).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
[find in archive]
>>HentaiHunter  21dec2018(fr)14:11  No.65594  A  P2R1
Bleach futanari by HentaiHunter

Pls get this one lock

>>Anonymous  22dec2018(sa)23:04  No.65619  B  P3R2
thumbnail got me excited but its just a gif image
>>Anonymous  27dec2018(th)08:35  No.65660  C  P4R3
Do you have a version that isn't choppy pixelated shit?
>>Anonymous  20jan2019(su)22:05  No.66165  D  P5R4
can you upload a HQ version?
>>w7-890  21jan2019(mo)13:28  No.66173  E  P6R5
original gif was found on YP
its called "possesion trick" find in shared files ctrl f
frankly i thought this was the original swf
but its actually just a rip off
>>w7-890  21jan2019(mo)13:30  No.66174  E  P7

oh god no should i report this

SWFchan really needs a general request thread

>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)14:45  No.66178  F  P8R6
the fuck is wrong with you
>>Anonymous  21jan2019(mo)20:12  No.66183  G  P9R7
I guess you could report this for being entirely off-topic. But it's really not necessary.
These thread derailing rules are not that strict around here.
If it isn't systematic derailing, or some dude spamming every thread or whatever, then you can just ignore the eventual weird unrelated post.
>>w7-890  22jan2019(tu)10:09  No.66197  H  P10R8
sorry if this derails the thread

>WTF is wrong
i just linked it so people can get a better quality gif
im afraid there is no swf version i can find in there

thx but i really don't feel like doing so

>>Anonymous  23jan2019(we)03:07  No.66216  I  P11R9
thanks bro, god bless u.
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