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>>random Crow  16dec2018(su)06:33  No.65490  OP  P1
Jill Valentine got overpowered by a plant

She turned the wrong switch direction...

Jill traped in greenhouse.swf (23.34 MiB)
600x250, Compressed (Deflate). 757 frames, 26 fps (00:29).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)12:31  No.65494  A  P2R1
Maybe I'm thinking too deep about a pron swf on the internetz but it weird how she goes from struggling to enjoying it but then back to struggling.
>>Anonymous  17dec2018(mo)14:46  No.65517  B  P3R2
Yes, I hate that so many artists don't get it. Her fucking grin is killing it completely and making the whole fucking scene a farce!!! He could have as well painted her a clowns face. She is fucking getting graped by tentacles and she is smiling. Remember me when the last time was, when in silent hill a character was mauled by zombies and smiling... so fucking dumb and disappointing!
>>7-tard v8.90  18dec2018(tu)05:51  No.65529  C  P4R3
ur patreon kinda looks nice too bad im broke AF

maan i hope someone adds u to YP for this

>>random Crow  18dec2018(tu)06:00  No.65530  OP  P5R4
If I would kill her, would that be any better? I can't please anyone.
And she doesn't get mauled by tentacles she get stimulated by them, I think this is a big difference....
Sorry, but what is YP standing for?
>>7-tard v8.90  18dec2018(tu)06:15  No.65532  C  P6R5
my god is it obvious


>>7-tard v8.90  18dec2018(tu)06:24  No.65534  C  P7
wat u doin

ive seen u before here
are you the so called "the literal bird"

>>7-tard v8.90  18dec2018(tu)06:40  No.65535  C  P8
just pumping up the health (whistling noises)

>ive seen u here before
sorry for my typo Mr. Birdie

pic related zoom in my text is all white also the background
thats why i have difficulty typing

[again sorry for being rude and derailing the topic guys]


>>random Crow  18dec2018(tu)08:28  No.65539  OP  P9R6
Well, can't know every shortcut that exists
no problem
>>Anonymous  18dec2018(tu)09:15  No.65540  D  P10R7
oh boy you satisfy me :D i would just love if you fix just the bugs on damenhaus :D
>>Anonymous  18dec2018(tu)20:39  No.65541  E  P11R8
dude why you listening to a buncha anons anyway? I mean what they say it's not even constructive. -8 let that kinda talk bug them and their emotional state shows.
>>Anonymous  19dec2018(we)08:36  No.65551  F  P12R9
you can fix that with a userscript or stylus or something else
>>w7-890  19dec2018(we)09:01  No.65552  G  P13R10
thx for the tip m8
but i think the problem is dconf
gonna reset it later
>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)17:03  No.65584  H  P14R11
These guys are just nitpicking, the flash is great.
>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)19:12  No.65585  B  P15R12
it's about immersion. One day you will understand
>>random Crow  20dec2018(th)23:03  No.65586  OP  P16R13
Thx, i really needed that, cause usually I just get guys like this commenting ---> >>65517 >>65585

Maybe i really should just stop answering to anons, but I take CONSTRUCTIVE critisism serious

>>some noname fag  21dec2018(fr)01:12  No.65589  I  P17R14
Actually pretty good

Nice job on the flash but its actually odd how she goes from struggling to enjoying it,maybe just stick to struggling or enjoying?Maybe its just personal preference idk

>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)10:03  No.65678  J  P18R15
or adding more time till the mind break?
>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)11:38  No.65679  K  P19R16
Well, if you started listening to sperg lords like >>65517 you've basically lost because they're not exactly the kind who support your patreon. They do like to complain. A lot. And loudly. And, they sport the kind of inflated ego that makes you wonder why they haven't popped yet. But I digress ...
What I'm trying to say is, you can safely ignore anything after "I hate that so many artists" from clown fuckers who couldn't draw a potato to save their lives.
>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)11:43  No.65680  K  P20

Almost forgot: Don't use words if you don't understand their meaning. What you described is not a case of immersion but rather authenticity.
Fucking porn sommelier.

>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)14:11  No.65681  L  P21R17
Because this is a loop animation
>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)22:51  No.65686  B  P22R18
holy fuck you are disgusting. I am not watching ANYTHING for authenticity!!! You are one sick human being, disgusting! You are one of those retarded fucks who thinks the pinnacle of media is realism, when in truth it's about believeability. Believeability leads to immersion. Authenticity leads to realism. In anyway, authenticity is definitively NOT what I am looking for. The character can be as cartoony as it wants, I don't care. But I want to feel the scene, like I am in the scene. And you may never will understand it because your mind seems to be very warped...
>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)22:58  No.65687  B  P23
okay, I see now why you call it authencity. You think of her as an actress beeing in a scene acting out an emotion, fitting to the scene and failing at it. I thought about it, as jill being in a romantic comedy porn movie being happily married to a tentacle plant. That's why I didn't see where you authencity argument is comming from I guess.
In anyway, the director of this scene acts. The job was, to take a character from a horror game in a basement being graped by a monster. The director gave the "actress" the direction, think about a happy marriage you are having the time of your life. In a basement in a horror house with monsters...
>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)23:00  No.65688  B  P24
*acts = failed
>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)08:42  No.65693  M  P25R19

How did swfchan get even more autistic than it was before? This is an accomplishment.

>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)19:33  No.65698  K  P26R20

Now, I know beyond a doubt that you have no idea what you are talking about.


Indeed, but cf. "sperg lord."

>>Anonymous  31dec2018(mo)16:42  No.65718  A  P27R21
Fucking christ! All I did was make a simple observation and you absolute neanderthal-tier retards started spewing several days worth of absolute horse shit. Go the fuck outside or something!
>>Anonymous  31dec2018(mo)16:43  No.65719  A  P28
and yes, I'm talking to ALL of you! None of you are any exception. fucking retards
>>Anonymous  1jan2019(tu)03:57  No.65734  H  P29R22
Maybe you're thinking too deep about a pron thread on the internetz?
>>Anonymous  2jan2019(we)16:03  No.65753  A  P30R23
no it was a joke that you all took way too seriously
>>Anonymous  2jan2019(we)16:03  No.65754  A  P31
no it was a joke you all took way too seriously
>>Anonymous  2jan2019(we)17:27  No.65755  K  P32R24

>Maybe I'm thinking too deep about a pron swf on the internetz
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