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>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)02:29  No.65463  OP  P1
YBKPHN.swf (17.99 MiB)
1200x690, Compressed (Deflate). 3922 frames, 30 fps (02:11).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)02:30  No.65464  OP  P2
Now to wait fro the nude version.
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)02:50  No.65465  A  P3R1
That...was...AMAZING! I fuckin love you minus8
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)06:19  No.65466  B  P4R2
I was in a constant flux of "MINUS8 NO!" and "MINUS8 YES!".
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)06:48  No.65467  C  P5R3
Baby fucking?
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)07:07  No.65468  D  P6R4
It's utterly terrifying how accurate this is.
>>shingo  15dec2018(sa)08:15  No.65469  E  P7R5
Cute and nice.
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)08:15  No.65470  F  P8R6
I..don't think I want it lol
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)12:57  No.65472  G  P9R7
I love how goomba was the most sane one while piranha plant was a straight pedo XD
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)17:18  No.65482  H  P10R8
Shygal actually has nipples under the cloth shreds when Yoshi is ripping their clothes. I made a gif of it on the minus8 subreddit. The problem is that since this is such a long animation there's thousands of shapes in the SWF so anything more than rudimentary edits (like my shred deleting) would be a massive undertaking.
>>Anonymous  15dec2018(sa)23:34  No.65483  I  P11R9
wow great animation
>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)00:56  No.65485  J  P12R10
Wow, didn't know -8 can do funny stuff too.
Now where's that straight shota, gimme gimme.
>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)11:45  No.65493  K  P13R11
the truth about quality

it takes a long time for negative infinity to make long animations. i watched her work on it for the last 3 months with small projects in between.

>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)13:59  No.65496  A  P14R12
Minus8 you bring joy to my life. Keep it up
>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)15:08  No.65498  L  P15R13
absolutely amazing! you rock -8! getting to that age when you just want a house wife who wants to take care of your child?

btw -8 please release the swfs for all the gifs you've made, they are clearly made in flash yet only released in gif form, pleeeeeeeeease

>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)16:01  No.65500  M  P16R14
>>Anonymous  16dec2018(su)19:38  No.65503  H  P17R15
Unfortunately for some animations he just makes them into gifs only. People don't want to bother him with begging for SWFs when he's making something new. Also it can be hard for him to find old stuff (I mean just look at the name of this flash, that's the name he chose).
>>Anonymous  17dec2018(mo)00:20  No.65507  N  P18R16
Swfchan is the last place I expected something wholesome
>>???? ????  17dec2018(mo)02:26  No.65508  O  P19R17
Why isn't this on /swf/?
>>???? ????  17dec2018(mo)02:28  No.65509  O  P20
I doubt that's the case with minus8.
>>Anonymous  17dec2018(mo)05:36  No.65511  P  P21R18
>Negative infinity
>>Anonymous  17dec2018(mo)17:54  No.65520  Q  P22R19
Alright, this is much more weird than usual. Much, much more weird than usual.
>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)11:29  No.65574  R  P23R20
Anyone else think the breastfeeding should have come before the frenching?
>>Anonymous  21dec2018(fr)02:44  No.65590  S  P24R21
Kissing is first base, titties is second base. C'mon nigga.
>>Anonymous  21dec2018(fr)05:46  No.65591  T  P25R22
that would we all would've gotten to 2nd base before we turned 1.
>>Anonymous  21dec2018(fr)07:35  No.65592  U  P26R23
SS is borderline homosexuality, else you self-insert as a woman or as a feminine kid.
>>Anonymous  29dec2018(sa)02:57  No.65676  V  P27R24
>>Wappa  29dec2018(sa)21:09  No.65683  W  P28R25
Pretty humorous. This tempo is wonderful. And the character's cuteness is the best.
>>Anonymous  26feb2019(tu)09:21  No.66913  L  P29R26
bump for glory
>>Anonymous  4mar2019(mo)00:39  No.67133  X  P30R27
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