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>>Anonymous  10dec2018(mo)18:47  No.65402  OP  P1
Stones-flash-A.27.swf (7.89 MiB)
1024x576, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)00:07  No.65427  A  P2R1
The symbols for dickgirl and cuntboy are inconsistent.
I'd also suggest using mirror/spear for dickgirl and shield/comb for cuntboy.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)02:17  No.65430  B  P3R2
>all options are animals
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)04:00  No.65432  C  P4R3
Shitty furry flash.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)10:09  No.65434  D  P5R4
At least you get to throw rocks at furries.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)10:42  No.65435  E  P6R5
Furry or not, it's actually pretty well made.
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)00:12  No.65443  F  P7R6
cool game, a lil glitchy, hope so see more done on it.
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)00:46  No.65444  G  P8R7
It's just a black screen, how do you actually make this work?
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)02:35  No.65445  A  P9R8
have non-broken flash?

you can also castrate, punch, and kick them...

>>7-tard v8.90  14dec2018(fr)14:42  No.65453  H  P10
WTF eww gross and SAGE!!

that's just waay to gross for my not-so shiny metal cock
>>purged file from K-server (i have a backup LOL JK)

>>w7-890  14dec2018(fr)17:11  No.65457  H  P11R9
beep boop beep

forgot to add this
[reason: Database maintenance]

Here ya go m8 (even if nobody asked)
full version here
now say thanks to y1ff p@rty
B64 encoded aHR0cHM6Ly95aWZmLnBhcnR5LzI3Njk4MiNwMjI5MjQ2Mjk=

OMG a robot just commited piracy
plz don't tell the FBI (im innocemt)
(JK i can solve captchaz with 0% problem)

>>Anonymous  17dec2018(mo)16:54  No.65519  I  P12R10
Is pregnancy doing something? or it's just status for now?
>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)07:16  No.65571  J  P13R11
Finally, a game where I can bite the dicks off of my enemies! And swallow them too!


>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)09:23  No.65573  K  P14R12
You know what i really love? A pixelshit game that's so graphics-intensive that i can barely run it at ten FPS.
>>Anonymous  24dec2018(mo)08:06  No.65644  J  P15R13
version 28 is now available. Characters now ejaculate violently when hit in the dick.
>>Anonymous  28dec2018(fr)04:32  No.65665  L  P16R14
Is there any way you could acquire said version good sir?
>>Anonymous  28dec2018(fr)07:13  No.65666  J  P17R15
I am waiting for the month to roll over before hitting subscribe on the guy's Patreon. New year is coming up and I'm not going sober enough to cancel the subscription before I get charged a second time.

>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)09:01  No.65694  M  P18R16
So, how to bite and junk?
>>Anonymous  2jan2019(we)11:08  No.65751  N  P19R17
You gotta turn the option on in the, well, options, then give oral.
What I want to know if getting someone pregnant actually changes anything besides a line of text.
>>Anonymous  22jan2019(tu)23:28  No.66215  O  P20R18
It looks like the project might be dead due to vauge legal issues, anyone ever manage to get v.28?
>>autistic_fapper  23jan2019(we)12:31  No.66218  P  P21R19
nope not yet for now
i checked his YP page
on his final post it looks like he is in legal trouble
hopefully everything is ok on his end
also w7-890 i kinda hate you for this but thanks at the same time
>>autistic_fapper  23jan2019(we)12:32  No.66219  P  P22
check the settings
forgot to add this
the name of the post is "Delay"
>>Anonymous  24jan2019(th)13:21  No.66226  Q  P23R20
ow damn but also lol two flash boys in legal trouble
>>Anonymous  24jan2019(th)20:54  No.66233  R  P24R21
>currently undergoing some legal consultations concerning the contents of this game and need to hold off on publishing the next version until I find out more. The result of this might be a requirement to either change the way it's distributed, its availability to the public, or even the kind of content within
What? How a work of fiction is illegal?
>>Anonymous  25jan2019(fr)00:21  No.66239  S  P25R22
legal niggers will go through hell and back to deny you of loli hentai porn or whatever it is that holds the ire of many at the moment
I mean, you clearly violated this fictious fox girl's rights
that is animal abuse! you will go to jail for years
what? Achmed fucked a real donkey in the ass? well, just give him a month or so
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)11:03  No.66254  T  P26R23
I am interested in what specific porn is illegal in Poland. I do not see any loli hentai in this game, so it is probably something stupid.
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)16:16  No.66258  S  P27R24
people have been booked for more ridiculous reasons
there was once this fanatic Simpsons fan, who made it his lifetime goal to collect thousands of incest pics of whatever character in the show
I think he got 30 years in jail
sounds like a most dangerous man to society, collecting internet porn images and not afraid of anything
>>Anonymous  26jan2019(sa)18:21  No.66261  R  P28R25
>30 years for collecting DRAWINGS
I'm somehow glad that western society is falling apart.
>>Anonymous  27jan2019(su)08:31  No.66268  U  P29R26
It would be much better in Eastern society. Be stoned(hehe!) or hanged for being not religious enough.
>>Anonymous  27jan2019(su)21:32  No.66282  V  P30R27
>Ever using Paypig
>What is yiff party
Never give pornographers one cent
>>Anonymous  27jan2019(su)23:38  No.66284  R  P31R28
I hate both worlds.
>>w7-890  28jan2019(mo)10:23  No.66290  W  P32R29
sorry for spamming guys
i didn't realize the damage i caused
>>Anonymous  28jan2019(mo)20:38  No.66292  X  P33
I generally just ignore your obnoxious samefag posts, you're not that special.
>>w7-890  29jan2019(tu)10:53  No.66297  Y  P34R30
oh ok thx
>>Anonymous  11feb2019(mo)04:04  No.66549  R  P35R31
So the game got axed or what?
>>Anonymous  11feb2019(mo)10:55  No.66559  Z  P36R32
this shit is waaay too laggy
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  13feb2019(we)13:20  No.66599  AA  P37R33
project suspended FUCK
>>Anonymous  14feb2019(th)19:53  No.66622  R  P38R34
What a shame.
Meanwhile actual criminals and murderers are being condecorated by the gov.
>>Anonymous  16feb2019(sa)04:31  No.66644  AB  P39R35
I really like how the character stands in the bottom left corner so you can't throw rocks at any useful trajectory while keeping your cursor in the window.
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)06:28  No.67408  R  P40R36
It is done for real.


>>w7-890  17mar2019(su)11:08  No.67413  AC  P41R37

this is post No

>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)14:11  No.67416  AD  P42R38
>Project suspended
Good. What a terrible excuse for a game.
>>Anonymous  17mar2019(su)21:54  No.67424  R  P43R39
Why are you so mean?
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)01:00  No.67427  AE  P44R40
this is fucked up. i don't like furry but i have to say this is fucked up. wish there was some kind of crypto crowdfunding around that people actually used because then content creators would be able to stay anonymous. sadly though i know in my heart even if there was such a platform almost nobody would use it and popular creators would make like 2 bucks a month.

First they made scat illegal and I did not speak out because my porn was good.
Then they made bestiality illegal and I did not speak out because I'm not into that.
Then they made dickgirls illegal and I did not speak out because I like pussy the most.
Then they made bondage illegal and I did not speak out because if she holds her arms behind her back I can pretend.
Then they came for the fetishes that I really love and there was no-one left to speak out for me.

>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)04:04  No.67431  R  P45R41
Wait until they made masturbation illegal too because some dumb shit like "you are raeping urself >:(".
>>Anonymous  18mar2019(mo)05:52  No.67432  AF  P46R42
Yew got a loicense fuh self rape?
>>Anonymous  19mar2019(tu)18:17  No.67483  S  P47R43
thought policing is one hell uva drug
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