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>>Anonymous  10dec2018(mo)18:47  No.65402  OP  P1
Stones-flash-A.27.swf (7.89 MiB)
1024x576, Compressed (Deflate). 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)00:07  No.65427  A  P2R1
The symbols for dickgirl and cuntboy are inconsistent.
I'd also suggest using mirror/spear for dickgirl and shield/comb for cuntboy.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)02:17  No.65430  B  P3R2
>all options are animals
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)04:00  No.65432  C  P4R3
Shitty furry flash.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)10:09  No.65434  D  P5R4
At least you get to throw rocks at furries.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)10:42  No.65435  E  P6R5
Furry or not, it's actually pretty well made.
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)00:12  No.65443  F  P7R6
cool game, a lil glitchy, hope so see more done on it.
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)00:46  No.65444  G  P8R7
It's just a black screen, how do you actually make this work?
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)02:35  No.65445  A  P9R8
have non-broken flash?

you can also castrate, punch, and kick them...

>>7-tard v8.90  14dec2018(fr)14:42  No.65453  H  P10
WTF eww gross and SAGE!!

that's just waay to gross for my not-so shiny metal cock
>>purged file from K-server (i have a backup LOL JK)

>>w7-890  14dec2018(fr)17:11  No.65457  H  P11R9
beep boop beep

forgot to add this
[reason: Database maintenance]

Here ya go m8 (even if nobody asked)
full version here
now say thanks to y1ff p@rty
B64 encoded aHR0cHM6Ly95aWZmLnBhcnR5LzI3Njk4MiNwMjI5MjQ2Mjk=

OMG a robot just commited piracy
plz don't tell the FBI (im innocemt)
(JK i can solve captchaz with 0% problem)

>>Anonymous  17dec2018(mo)16:54  No.65519  I  P12R10
Is pregnancy doing something? or it's just status for now?
>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)07:16  No.65571  J  P13R11
Finally, a game where I can bite the dicks off of my enemies! And swallow them too!


>>Anonymous  20dec2018(th)09:23  No.65573  K  P14R12
You know what i really love? A pixelshit game that's so graphics-intensive that i can barely run it at ten FPS.
>>Anonymous  24dec2018(mo)08:06  No.65644  J  P15R13
version 28 is now available. Characters now ejaculate violently when hit in the dick.
>>Anonymous  28dec2018(fr)04:32  No.65665  L  P16R14
Is there any way you could acquire said version good sir?
>>Anonymous  28dec2018(fr)07:13  No.65666  J  P17R15
I am waiting for the month to roll over before hitting subscribe on the guy's Patreon. New year is coming up and I'm not going sober enough to cancel the subscription before I get charged a second time.

>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)09:01  No.65694  M  P18R16
So, how to bite and junk?
>>Anonymous  2jan2019(we)11:08  No.65751  N  P19R17
You gotta turn the option on in the, well, options, then give oral.
What I want to know if getting someone pregnant actually changes anything besides a line of text.
>>Anonymous  22jan2019(tu)23:28  No.66215  O  P20R18
It looks like the project might be dead due to vauge legal issues, anyone ever manage to get v.28?
>>autistic_fapper  23jan2019(we)12:31  No.66218  P  P21R19
nope not yet for now
i checked his YP page
on his final post it looks like he is in legal trouble
hopefully everything is ok on his end
also w7-890 i kinda hate you for this but thanks at the same time
>>autistic_fapper  23jan2019(we)12:32  No.66219  P  P22
check the settings
forgot to add this
the name of the post is "Delay"
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