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>>Anonymous  5dec2018(we)22:54  No.65325  OP  P1
straight edit -8 made of You'll_vomit.swf

Straight edit -8 did of You'll_vomit.swf that no one ever noticed. Always frustrated me because he made it in the same thread as the original and it just wasn't ever uploaded here that I can tell.

You'll_vomit_straight.swf (1.61 MiB)
720x480, Uncompressed. 1090 frames, 30 fps (00:36).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  6dec2018(th)17:26  No.65342  A  P2R1
Thanks for posting this.
>>Anonymous  7dec2018(fr)07:31  No.65347  B  P3R2
Fuck you for posting this.
>>Anonymous  13dec2018(th)21:33  No.65442  C  P4R3
>>w7-890  14dec2018(fr)05:22  No.65446  D  P5R4

well thanks for straightening my ass up

but why the fuck is it called You'll_vomit.swf
if the character does not vomit

>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)06:29  No.65448  E  P6R5
because it's some gay shit, that's why it was originally called you'll vomit
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)15:43  No.65455  F  P7R6
yeah, guess the filename doesn't make that much sense anymore when the penis was removed
>>Anonymous  19dec2018(we)02:22  No.65549  G  P8R7
> You'll _not_vomit.swf
>>Anonymous  19dec2018(we)09:33  No.65553  H  P9R8
Kinda hard to get over it when you know the character is a male and you don't explicitly see a vagina.


>>w7-890  19dec2018(we)10:12  No.65554  I  P10R9
it makes sense now i think ?

oh i think i get it now
the user is grossed out of the futa
thats why he swallows his own vomit

>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)07:23  No.65691  J  P11R10
>>Anonymous  30dec2018(su)18:51  No.65697  K  P12R11
it's not a futa, it's a male character, and i think it's minus 8's OC
>>Anonymous  12jan2019(sa)09:34  No.65950  F  P13R12
some argue it's his self-insert
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)21:34  No.66003  L  P14R13
So many little boys terrified of dick.
>>Anonymous  12feb2019(tu)16:34  No.66582  M  P15R14

not as you think, the creator (minus 8) use "You'll vomit.swf" as filename as a gift to his fans because normally he didn't do gay stuffs, but if he done, he done really high

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  13feb2019(we)10:34  No.66597  N  P16R15
thx m8
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