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>>Anonymous  29nov2018(th)22:48  No.65220  OP  P1
720532_ms-game-and-watch.swf (6.62 MiB)
800x800, Compressed (Deflate). 1382 frames, 24 fps (00:58).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  29nov2018(th)23:19  No.65223  A  P2R1
Thank you, Comrade. Very cool!
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)02:43  No.65233  B  P3R2
why o why do people hide porn content behind minigames? this is praiseworthy but would have been so much better if everything was just unlocked from the start. luckily we can use the seekbar to see everything the flash have to offer immediately but please, make everything available from the start
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)03:36  No.65234  C  P4R3
>wah, I don't want to work for my porn. wah.
The games aren't even that hard or tedious.
I'd understand if they were, like some type of breakout/tetris clone, however it takes no time to unlock everything.
>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)02:13  No.65245  D  P5R4
Hey anon C which porn flash games would you recommend thats like this? Do minigames like this give me such a hard on!
>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)03:27  No.65246  E  P6R5
final round
1: Nintendo
2: 1980
3: Gunpei Yokoi
3: Fire

i clicked the left rocket and he shot his goo in the poop chute -> the end

>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)06:04  No.65247  F  P7R6
>>65233 At this point it seems to be just a tradition
>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)10:40  No.65255  G  P8R7
i actually like playing mini games for porn games
>>Anonymous  2dec2018(su)00:20  No.65259  H  P9R8
Me too, even more when it's interactive like this one.

It's not even the common non-porn puzzlewall to go to the porn slideshow, it's a full fledged porn game.

>>Anonymous  2dec2018(su)04:33  No.65262  B  P10R9
How much time you need to sink into them is irrelevant. Even if you enjoy the minigames the first time, if you come back to the flash and want to enjoy the final scene you have to play the games again. Then if you do it a third time you need to do it again. And again. And again. Even if it sets a flash cookie to remember that you've beaten the levels it'll forget if you move the file so you need to play again. If you reinstall the computer you need to do it again. Same if you play from a different computer. It's just better in all ways if everything is accessible immediately, it won't stop anyone from enjoying the minigames that are still there.

Btw how fucked up it is that they don't include cheat codes in modern AAA games that unlock everything? So if you want to enjoy something specific years later you have to play through the whole thing instead of just unlock everything and enjoy the part you are nostalgic about. In fact, what's even more fucked up is that in modern single player games cheat codes are all gone and replaced with real-money microtransactions, just for cheating in singleplayer games. To make it even worse you can't trust these games to be properly balanced because they want to make it just grindy enough so that some suckers actually pay extra just to cheat. Madness.

Also yes the flash could have included a "unlock all" cheat code. But it's not as clear cut as for a AAA game to do that since not many bother to try and look up cheats for every flash game they see, so just having everything unlocked from the start would be better. Those who don't like minigames will be happy, those who re-play will be happy and even those who want to play the minigames will be happy.

>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)01:04  No.65270  C  P11R10
I can't tell if you are going full Poe or RMS ether way do something (meaningful) about it and, or just, chill the fuck down.

Ignoring this feeling that this is bait: it seams you don't want games.. you want movies, and not even the whole movie just the ending... you would have a better time on pornhub.

>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)06:47  No.65287  I  P12R11
Because :
A. Laziness
And B. Back in the day getting to know cheat codes was a genuine secret. Today you couldn't hide anything. It would get spoiled and known to everyone before they even played the game and you do not want this kind of first impression.
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)08:14  No.65289  J  P13R12
nigga i dont wanna answer trivia questions while im tryna bust a nut
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)21:05  No.65294  K  P14R13
>reach final game
>it just resets your progress
Oh you massive fucker
>>Anonymous  4dec2018(tu)08:04  No.65309  OP  P15R14
Use the seekbar.
>>Anonymous  8dec2018(sa)22:55  No.65372  L  P16R15
10/10 - IGN 10/10-IGN
>>Anon993  15jan2019(tu)18:45  No.66036  M  P17R16
Didn't know we have a test here
>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)23:13  No.66041  N  P18R17
Why dont you idiots use the seekbar.
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