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>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)16:47  No.65163  OP  P1
If you ever wonder why some people might sya "man fuck furrys". this is it.

Weird Furry shit.swf (2.95 MiB)
900x675, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Shrek  27nov2018(tu)18:03  No.65164  A  P2R1
Well just like the title says. It's weird, it's furry, and it's shit.

No questions asked.

>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)18:38  No.65166  B  P3R2
wtf is this. thanks op, I lol'd
>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)22:59  No.65170  C  P4R3
I was on board with the flash until I saw the multi-tit beast.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)00:58  No.65174  D  P5R4
>multi-tit dickgirl
uhh, okay...
>then, tentacles
fuck this shit I'm out.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)01:59  No.65175  E  P6R5
>multi-tit dick girl with tentacles
oh god...
>tentacles inserted into dick
oh fuck this shit
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)05:41  No.65179  F  P7R6
That's some seriously low stamina for somebody going through the trouble of summoning rape tentacles.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)08:39  No.65185  G  P8R7
This is fairly low on the Furry Weirdness scale.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)09:28  No.65186  H  P9R8
The problem I have with the furry community honestly has nothing to do with the actual 'furry' part. I absolutely hate it that all the characters are always super over-designed in an attempt to be special snowflakes.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)19:47  No.65199  C  P10R9
And where does this fall on the furry weirdness scale?
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)20:09  No.65200  OP  P11R10
That's not furry. That's just weird.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)23:01  No.65202  I  P12R11
I didn't need to know that existed but now I do.


>>Anonymous  29nov2018(th)08:54  No.65211  H  P13R12

>Dick zipper

One of the fucking tags is

>>Anonymous  29nov2018(th)22:46  No.65219  J  P14R13
Yep. This one's going in my cringe compilation.
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)02:06  No.65225  I  P15R14

I mean, at least it's accurate?

>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)02:32  No.65231  B  P16R15
You know you've made it as an artist when you manage to score a unique tag for your image on e621.
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)02:37  No.65232  B  P17
Try pressing "Full Size" for that image on e621 btw. It's 7771 x 7160 pixels! The zipper head has a little schlong hanging from itself.
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)07:18  No.65240  K  P18R16
Don't mind me just pouring this bleach into my eyes.
>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)01:40  No.65244  I  P19R17

Lol, why did you zoom in though?

>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)02:13  No.65274  L  P20R18

You are all like little baby.
How long have you been browsing *chans?
And THIS is seriously that disturbing?

Here I was like "Oh, that's interesting. Must have been hell to draw and conceptualize."

>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)02:17  No.65275  L  P21
I gotta say though, yo.
This isn't that 'weird' like >>65185 said.

Taking away the furry shit [The unnecesarry colorations and extra 'accessories' like the halo, wings, and fucking red fangs] We have something with a dick, probably a pussy and tentacles fucking something else with a dick and a pussy. Not too new.

I mean hell, Zone made that one teen titans flash with the ink dude have a tentacle go into her urethra.

>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)02:53  No.65278  C  P22R19
I don't remember that, was that on the raven or the starfire one?.. or did I miss one?
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)03:57  No.65280  M  P23R20
>The unnecesarry colorations
Why the fuck does every furry seem to color shit really ugly? Do they not understand color coordination? Is it a part of the autism?
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)06:42  No.65286  K  P24R21
I think he means Natsume 2?
Fun fact: Sticking it into the urethra lowers her arousal :3
>>Anonymous  10dec2018(mo)02:26  No.65387  N  P25R22
One of the few rare moments on the internet where I can say:
"Never seen something like this before"
>>Anonymous  10dec2018(mo)05:11  No.65391  C  P26R23
probably just trying to be unique snowflakes

Ah, makes sense.
Fun Fact: There is a small boost in arousal from the penetration, but the first thrust (nearly?) negates it.

Glad I could help.
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