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>>Anonymous  26nov2018(mo)17:43  No.65146  OP  P1
Nami Blowjob

Nami sucks cock.

[H-FLASH.COM][Fuckers!]one-piece-nami-xxx.swf (1.14 MiB)
640x480, Compressed (Deflate). 616 frames, 30 fps (00:21).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)11:21  No.65155  A  P2R1
I swear those are the fuckin Neopets Dubloons
>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)19:05  No.65168  B  P3R2
Wonder how many times Nami have done it with Sanji?
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)05:33  No.65178  C  P4R3
They are, actually. The 2, 100, 200 and 500 dubloon.
>>Anonymous  28nov2018(we)11:42  No.65188  A  P5R4
Man it was hard enough to jerk off to this already, now I'm gonna be thinking about neopets
>>da spamb0t named w7 890  28nov2018(we)14:17  No.65194  D  P6R5
sorry4spam -KEK

>did u say ne0petz ical&atb=v1-1&ia=web
>[reboots mini K-server]

>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)08:10  No.65248  E  P7R6
what a classic
that was probably the nut bustiest flash around when One Piece still was a thing
>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)14:28  No.65256  F  P8R7
One Piece is still a thing
>>Anonymous  1dec2018(sa)23:25  No.65258  G  P9R8
if you say so
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)02:32  No.65276  H  P10R9
Everyone might not think its GOOD but
I'm on 863 right now fam.
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)04:31  No.65281  B  P11R10
I don't remember when it was but the first time I got disappointed with One Piece was when they downgraded to a different studio. Nami looked great in episode 1 but all of a sudden the draw style turned to shit. I could still watch the show but man I wished it was drawn like in the beginning.

However eventually I just had to drop the series because almost nothing happened each episode. It was infuriating waiting a week for a 22 minute episode where 6 minutes always was intro + "here's the legend of what the treasure one piece is AGAIN" + a comprehensive recap of what's going on + recycled last scene from the previous episode. And then the remaining 16 minutes progressed the story 10 minutes if you got lucky while sprinkling 6 minutes of slow talk or straight fillers. I just couldn't do it anymore, I hopped on and read the manga but eventually I caught up to where it was as well and by then I just felt too old for the series.

Tell me, are they anywhere near actually getting One Piece? I tried downloading an episode a few months ago and apparently Sanji was now a king or something and Luffy was trying to get him back. Feels like it will go on forever with no end in sight. I'm the kind of guy that like stories to wrap up eventually.

>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)04:35  No.65282  B  P12
Btw the series is so dragged out that there are actually fans releasing "One Pace" - a version of One Piece where they cut away all the dragged out stuff so it becomes more watchable for the average human being.
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)06:38  No.65285  E  P13R11
Even Naruto AND Shitpooden ended by now.
The only other thing I can think of that pulls this shit too is Detective Conan.
Man, even with age-altering stuff he would have to be his original age twice already now.
>>Anonymous  3dec2018(mo)21:05  No.65295  I  P14R12

I believe one of the glaring problems is that dear Eiichiro Oda can only draw so many chapters in a month, so it quickly got to the point where the anime outpaced the manga, and the studio had to come up with filler material. And, well, the filler material in the comics isn't great to begin with.
I suppose that's what happens when you try to animate one of the longest-running series ever.
I wonder if there is an end in sight yet. Truth be told, I am quite a bit behind on my reading, so who knows. Last volume I picked up was 64--not counting No 88 that I picked up on a whim in Japan the week it hit the stores. Didn't even know they sold One Piece inside 7/11.

>>Anonymous  10dec2018(mo)02:33  No.65388  J  P15R13
That sounds so hilariously similar to what
the Black Mesa people did in response to Half Life:Source
>>Anonymous  10dec2018(mo)14:03  No.65398  K  P16R14
Is this why Robin looks shit nowdays? Old-school (original) Robin looks great.
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