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Age: 94.53d   Health: 1.57%   Posters: 11   Posts: 16   Replies: 12   Files: 1+3

>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)20:11  No.65046  OP  P1
1231weq.swf (1.68 MiB)
700x600, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 33.5 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)20:19  No.65047  A  P2R1
Has our god returned after completing his mighty crusade of the filthy xeno scum? FOR THE EMPEROR!
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)00:59  No.65050  B  P3R2
Holy shit he still alive? It has been a very cruel and bleak an unending, waiting for his return..Please come back to us and stay I miss you. Every week you release something helps me get out of bed in the morning thank you
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)01:41  No.65052  C  P4R3
-8 doing what he can do best
it's like rhythm heaven was made to be parodied by him
r10.swf is definitely his magnum opus
>>shingo  21nov2018(we)08:18  No.65059  D  P5R4
Oh yeah! I love parodies of the rhythm heaven game.
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)23:48  No.65071  E  P6R5
It's been a long ass time,what was his last flash?
what's been taking him so long?
>>Anonymous  22nov2018(th)03:39  No.65078  C  P7R6
Probably the usual. Hiding from the government and faggotry.
>>Anonymous  24nov2018(sa)06:18  No.65104  F  P8R7
He's been a depressed fuck
>>Anonymous  24nov2018(sa)06:18  No.65105  F  P9
He's also been a depressed fuck
>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)02:22  No.65152  G  P10R8
Get over it
>>Anonymous  29nov2018(th)23:11  No.65222  E  P11R9
It's really sad how hard he is to approach,i'd love to talk to him 1 on 1
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)02:22  No.65229  H  P12R10
a wii controller, I remember those! crazy that wii is 12 years old now

another masterpiece as usual -8!

>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)02:27  No.65230  H  P13
can we take a second to appreciate just how magisterial the thumbnail is for this flash?
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)03:49  No.65235  I  P14R11
>Just, like, stop being sad lol!
Hi reddit
>>Anonymous  30nov2018(fr)07:14  No.65239  C  P15R12
I still use my Wii to watch Netflix and they are going to turn it off completely now, finally, after a grace period of what? 7 years?
Fuck, Idk even what I should use next. I don't want to waste my PC on that, hmmm ... still have that PS3 lying around somewhere.
Saves buying something new and heating costs this winter!
>>Anonymous  5dec2018(we)12:31  No.65321  J  P16
wat do we do next

lets spam /r/ depression shall we
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