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>>Ujlkku  19nov2018(mo)17:33  No.65019  OP  P1

just for a minute.

Overlord_Albedo_H001.swf (5.47 MiB)
1200x700, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)22:54  No.65022  A  P2R1
So it's still incomplete? Layering seems to be broken and the cum doesn't show up
>>oldgrandpa  20nov2018(tu)04:20  No.65029  B  P3R2
why you still waste your time with this?

get the fucking full package here bro! ssion-v1-0-1-01-niicri.12179/page-9

>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)14:14  No.65045  C  P4R3
ty old papa~
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)04:09  No.65053  D  P5R4
Thx gramps didn't know where for these
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)21:29  No.65067  E  P6R5
Thanks 🅱randp🅰.
>>Anonymous  21nov2018(we)22:06  No.65070  F  P7R6
i liked overlord, only problem was the unnecessary genderswap for those two elves. the 3D plagued the show too, as 3D in anime usually does. i don't know how japanese studios can look at those types of scenes and think they look good enough.

too bad the anime won't get another season until something like 2023, if ever. read some article that the anime has caught up with the books.

>>Anonymous  22nov2018(th)03:38  No.65077  G  P8R7
Hey, at least the trap character came with a reverse trap.
And they didn't linger on it too much, I realized pretty soon that the delicious D A R K E L F was the one in the suit.

The books are far superior. As an anime far too many of the nuiances were cut or anime-fied. It's borderline boring. Just enough so you can feel that the source material is actually engaging.
It's funny how everyone loved Overcuck, but then those same people went to hate GoblettSlayer. While those two animes are very much alike in tone and nature. That is - Japan's newfound interest in mainsteam tabletop RPGs.

>>Anonymous  22nov2018(th)12:33  No.65082  F  P9R8
Just watched episode 1 of Goblin Slayer, thanks for the tip! I like it, seems better than this other anime I started watching: "Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken" ("That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime")
>>Anonymous  23nov2018(fr)00:54  No.65089  H  P10R9

Overlord is in some point like sword art online but better and the story has variety of points of view and characters. In Overlord you have Ainz/Momon, Nazarick members, the humans realms and empires, the adventurer guild, the others humans inside the game aside the npc, etc. In sao it's only has kirito and his friends/enemies.

Meanwhile Goblin Slayer is more like Berserk; a man who has suffered pain viewing their beloved ones being assasinated and raped. Just like Guts saw the band of the hawk being killed and Casca being raped. They have anger inside what makes them stronger

>>Anonymous  24nov2018(sa)12:59  No.65115  I  P11R10
Minor correction:
The world in Overlord is NOT a game.

The whole point is that the world in the series is 'real'. So everyone is an actual person, not a npc.
So I'd argue that it isn't like Sword art online at all.
Not only is it not a game, but also characters actually have personality, even mínor ones. (Basically everyone mentioned by name is fleshed out just enough to feel at least somewhat like an actual person.)
In SAO even the main cast lacks personality... so yeah...

>>Anonymous  24nov2018(sa)18:22  No.65118  G  P12R11
Right, I'm sure the writers made all and every SAO character as boring as possible to convey that realistic game feel.
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)15:57  No.65131  J  P13R12
Alright, I'm falling for it.
I'm honestly impressed by how uncertain I am if this is bait or not.
The way the sentence references parts of the previous comment while completely missinterpreting what was actually written and doing so in just a single sentence is awe-inspiring.
You are either a complete idiot are a level 100 master troll. Nothing in between is possible.
>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)18:50  No.65167  F  P14R13
It would be funny if the last episode is the main character getting unplugged from the game after conquering the world. He'd look around at the scientists surrounding him, visibly confused. Turns out he had been an unknowing alpha tester of a new secret project to take VR gaming to the next level. Years passed in the game but it's only been a few days in the real world. Then he goes back to flipping burgers, or whatever is equivalent to such a job in the future, forever confused by the seemingly real memories of the time when he was an all-powerful elder lich surrounded by servants obeying his every command.
>>Anonymous  15jan2019(tu)18:55  No.66037  K  P15R14
Lemme help with that!FJhzDIgK!8HfKf_ylTWLuAofARifbM A
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  5feb2019(tu)07:41  No.66454  L  P16R15
thx granny jojo
a bump a day keeps the thread relevant
>>Anonymous  6feb2019(we)11:25  No.66476  M  P17R16
Awesome Mega link.
Thank you.
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