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>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)09:31  No.64940  OP  P1
alright folks this is important

someone sent me an email
we need to fix this file

OP_tiki.swf (32.3 KiB)
841x595, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)09:36  No.64941  OP  P2
a little note here

if file does no belong to /fap/
plz move it and let me know
saucy source: um&illust_id=70920126


>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)09:56  No.64942  OP  P3
extra extra
also someone sent me a trojan
(ignore this post plz)
i need to analyze this trj

>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)09:59  No.64943  A  P4R1
why the hell are you posting both your email addresses?
>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)10:02  No.64944  OP  P5R2
source of op ass swf

files appear to be similar
are they related
and this

>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)10:04  No.64945  OP  P6
i only have one
thats the continuation on the right
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)11:48  No.64948  B  P7R3
Legit go fuck yaself.
>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)12:26  No.64951  OP  P8R4
but why
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)23:02  No.64970  C  P9R5

I second the motion.

>>Anonymous  18nov2018(su)07:39  No.64982  D  P10R6
Btw heres the areas that are different to complete the puzzle:
>Smaller Seagull
>right side of crown has extra spike
>mouth different
>ring on hand different
>watermelon lines are wiggly
>fourth fish
>missing sweat bead near her bikini top strap
>missing sparkle between light rays on top left
>missing bubble below hair left side
>has one bangle on left arm
>cloud on top right shadow different
Took awhile to find the last 2
>>bot named w7 890  18nov2018(su)08:17  No.64984  E  P11R7
thx 4 the help

ok thx very much
i will download the segment 2 of the game
so we can play it offline
and the translations pls

>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)08:33  No.64986  E  P12

yep its porn
{plz ignore that comment}

>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)09:49  No.64989  E  P13
hehe done

doing my daily malware analysis
while solving swf's like this
also made it alot easier for newfag lurkers
[check screenshot]

 Virtest-VM scr1.jpg

>>w7 890  18nov2018(su)14:46  No.64995  E  P14
sorry for wrong post


>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)00:44  No.65006  D  P15R8
Nice work 👌😂💯
>>w7 890  19nov2018(mo)10:39  No.65009  F  P16R9
ur welcome

thank me l8ter when im done
uploading the zip

>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)11:01  No.65011  G  P17
Nobody cares, you're just talking to yourself.
>>w7 890  19nov2018(mo)11:55  No.65012  F  P18
thats not me
>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)15:18  No.65013  H  P19R10
>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)15:18  No.65014  H  P20
fixed it very easilyfix
>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)15:18  No.65015  H  P21

fixed it very easily

>>w7 890  19nov2018(mo)15:25  No.65016  F  P22R11
alright thanks but i need to save it offline
and just click the tiki.html
also why do u have to comment 3 times seriously m8
>>w7 890  19nov2018(mo)15:29  No.65017  F  P23
by fix i mean download the file offline
[the original source work fine]
i apologize for the wrong title
>>retarded bot named w7 890  19nov2018(mo)17:27  No.65018  F  P24

u mean the mewch one
well sorry about that

>>Anonymous  19nov2018(mo)19:11  No.65020  I  P25R12
Who is this attention whore wannabe hacker that just spawned on this site?
>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)00:56  No.65024  J  P26R13
it's sans
>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)01:54  No.65025  D  P27R14
sans undertale?
>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)03:12  No.65028  K  P28R15
Are you telling me that w7 890 is SANS FROM UNDERTALE???!?!?!?!?!11!1!!
I have to inform MatPat immediately.
>>autistic bot named w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  20nov2018(tu)06:16  No.65031  L  P29R16

there is nothing bad about being retarded
as long as u don't flood the site with CP and spam
[obvious trolling]

>>retarded bot named w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  20nov2018(tu)06:19  No.65032  L  P30
fak u guys

and no im not related to undertale in any way

>>retarded bot named w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  20nov2018(tu)06:22  No.65033  L  P31
let me explain

im just a noob
i just wanna find a place to learn cracking
other guides are expensive as fuck
i have no BTC and paypal

>>attention whoring faggot named w7 890  20nov2018(tu)06:41  No.65034  L  P32
here u go

enjoy mah niggas
here is the full package
enjoy the bonus game
i found on mewch

>>Anonymous  22nov2018(th)22:03  No.65087  H  P33R17
you can download the tiki.swf for offline use
are you too retarded to play a swf file?!?!
it works completely fine to me i even hacked it for myself already
>>Anonymous  23nov2018(fr)10:19  No.65093  M  P34R18
ive downloaded everything yo just check the package
check the package
>>w7 890  23nov2018(fr)10:20  No.65094  M  P35
yes so ?
>>Anonymous  23nov2018(fr)12:08  No.65097  I  P36R19
You call this a crack but you didn't even change a single file, you just downloaded and zipped them.
Not to mention you're asking for help with cracking secureSWF, which is the only thing worth cracking in an swf.
>>w7 890  23nov2018(fr)12:56  No.65098  M  P37R20
bye bye

gonna kys

>>w7 890  23nov2018(fr)13:02  No.65101  M  P38
i apologize 4 being reatrded

i mean saving it offline

>>65098 says sorry

>>w7 890  27nov2018(tu)12:44  No.65158  N  P39
sage LEL

consider me a n00b
if u want me to stop guess my trip [just kidding]
[a new identity is ez 2 create on chanz like this]
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