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>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)22:39  No.64712  OP  P1
Lollo flash by Rockcandy

Rockcandy's Lollo flash early release.

spectroflash.swf (9.92 MiB)
1500x1000, Compressed (Deflate). 21 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)23:58  No.64729  A  P2R1
thanks friendo.
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)01:16  No.64754  B  P3R2
Does the book do anything?
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)01:31  No.64759  C  P4R3

Changes the music.

Click the Yo on the picture to fuck her and get the good ending.

>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)01:47  No.64764  B  P5R4
Ah whoops, had it muted.
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)02:41  No.64765  D  P6R5
The quality on this is astounding
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)07:47  No.64768  E  P7R6
on the good ending click zoo on the bottom right to get a bonus end
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)08:25  No.64769  A  P8R7
cheers mate. took me a little poking around to figure out zoo is a character. xD
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)11:21  No.64773  F  P9R8
So I'm clicking the painting, it goes lopsided and then nothing happens. Still getting the bad end. Any idea why?
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)12:23  No.64774  G  P10R9
i think you gotta keep fucking until the painting falls off
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)17:00  No.64780  H  P11R10
Glad to see Rock Candy still got that spunk!
And I like that spunk!
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)19:39  No.64782  I  P12R11
And after that painting falls off, click the wand.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)00:32  No.64784  J  P13R12
Happy to see a new RockCandy flash! Been a while. Nice work man!
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)14:19  No.64795  K  P14R13
good shit
>>Anonymous  12nov2018(mo)18:30  No.64822  L  P15R14
Voice acting cringy as fuck
>>Anonymous  12nov2018(mo)19:01  No.64825  H  P16R15
Ehh, it's passable. Some are better than others, but they all sound in-character at least.
>>Anonymous  16nov2018(fr)02:59  No.64914  M  P17R16
click painting
click next till the painting falls off
click end
click this "should've bad ending" chick
bonus ending
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