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>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)15:43  No.64704  OP  P1
ImpregDefense.swf (2.26 MiB)
700x500, Compressed (Deflate). 114 frames, 21 fps (00:05).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)20:17  No.64706  A  P2R1
seems to need saves.txt & levels.txt
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)20:31  No.64707  A  P3
found a page (archived) about the game that includes a link to the uncensor patch. /

now we just need the levels.txt

>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)20:57  No.64708  B  P4R2
if it ever gets down, the code inside that zipfile is:
savestr=00991111001011151161140611210386100101116 09710510806104903810891111111121150610490510381121 14310109910511506104903810911111560971050990951131 17097108105116812106105203810210511411511610801110 97100061116114117101038
just in case it gets removed somehow it's preserved here
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)09:29  No.64772  C  P5R3
Dude came out with a patron poll almost a year ago and everyone said they wanted him to work on this game. He even acknowledged how many people voted for it and he still hasn’t touched any of the new levels.
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)10:20  No.64847  D  P6R4
The dipshit won't get another dime from me before this game gets its fucking continuation.
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)20:00  No.64858  E  P7R5
how long does the level loading take ?
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)20:56  No.64860  F  P8R6
until it finds and reads levels.txt
>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)03:02  No.64871  G  P9R7!SuZAiIAL!nE9ww0z-MqLpGIizCLXTcK tJm0UDCCpcjL7MweBY-ig

Here's the actual game if anyone wants

>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)09:52  No.64881  H  P10R8
Anybody know where abouts to find a 100% save?
>>Anonymous  15nov2018(th)20:48  No.64907  I  P11R9
This has to be the single hardest TD-type game I've ever played.
>>Anonymous  15nov2018(th)22:01  No.64909  E  P12R10
it has only two levels and all you need to do is place the towers in the right place or upgrade them
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)17:00  No.64955  J  P13R11
Even when using the decensor "patch" (which disables saving?), there's an option for none censorship, but everytime I select it it just pops back to standard mosaic censor.
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)17:27  No.64959  E  P14R12
sounds like your code didn't apply. When I start the game with the decensor code I don't have the option for censorship
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)17:33  No.64960  E  P15
I still got the decensor option. I just missed it. But your problem still is that you did not use the decensor code correct or your decensor code is wrong. This is my decensor code (no line breaks):
savestr=00991111001011151161140611210442116111119 10111404410311409711011051161010381001011160971051 08806110209710811510103810811111101121150610490510 38112114101099210511506104903810911111509710570990 95113117097108105116121061905203810210511411511610 81110977100061116114117101038
>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)18:17  No.64963  K  P16R13
plz tell me

but how did u figure it out ??

>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)18:24  No.64964  K  P17
also thx 4 cracking the file
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)06:12  No.65121  L  P18R14
Is the second level intended on being impossible? It starts off normal then a rush of electric slimes for no fucking reason.
>>whoretard named w7 890  25nov2018(su)07:54  No.65123  M  P19R15
help LVL2

yeah me 2 m8

>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)09:41  No.65125  A  P20R16
i wouldn't suggest playing this game. you are focusing on destroying sperm, rather than looking at the witch getting railed.

not worth the time/effort in my opinion.

>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)12:58  No.65128  E  P21R17
after finishing each level you can access it in theater mode. your comment is bad
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)13:00  No.65129  E  P22
in level 2 the cum is shielded after beeing hit. Spread the towers and upgrade damage
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)17:04  No.65132  N  P23R18
>game is about preventing her from getting knocked up
>no gameover screen showing her knocked up.

There's also the fact that all the jizz is going into her ass and not womb

>>Anonymous  26nov2018(mo)20:34  No.65147  E  P24R19
i noticed a small tentacle appears before a tower is summoned by the witch
>>Anonymous  23jan2019(we)14:10  No.66220  O  P25R20
It looks like the maker of this finally updated this after I don't know how many years later.
>>Anonymous  24jan2019(th)00:07  No.66221  P  P26R21
from his patreon
Because of health issues I have to put my patreon on pause soon. I hope I will be able to get back to the favorite and most important work of my life in the future. My plan for now is to upload all my work files here for anyone to use as they wish as I don't know how my future will look. And a huge thanks to everyone who supported me! We share a passion and one of the most important things in my life and maybe yours too :)
>>Anonymous  24jan2019(th)01:34  No.66223  Q  P27R22
So, can I sell them or buy something?
>>Anonymous  24jan2019(th)23:49  No.66236  J  P28R23
Shit, another patreon poster that suddenly dies of cancer or goes to jail? What is wrong with 2019.
>>Anonymous  4feb2019(mo)23:30  No.66444  R  P29R24
I know right, its almost like art faggots are an unreliable investment?
>>Anonymous  5feb2019(tu)02:27  No.66448  S  P30R25
So not sure when that was when he put that on Patreon but he’s come out with two updates to the animations since Anon posted that and hasn’t said shit about it to patrons. He said about a year ago he was quitting because of a heart condition or some shit and never actually did. Maybe he just never took it down?
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