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>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)11:04  No.64700  OP  P1

Zoo-phobia Rockcandy flash beta.

Zoo-phobia - CS6 publicdemo1.swf (1.84 MiB)
1600x900, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 27 fps (00:00).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)11:16  No.64701  A  P2R1
Am I dreaming
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)18:16  No.64705  B  P3R2
mah nigga, can you also post the other one he did on patreon?
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)21:44  No.64709  C  P4R3
"theres no way that button will work"
>it works
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)22:16  No.64710  D  P5R4
the vaginal button? i thought the same thing. xD
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)22:22  No.64711  E  P6R5
Time's a changin' ಠ_ಠ
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)22:39  No.64713  F  P7R6
someone edit and remove bulge pls
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)16:46  No.64779  G  P8R7
Rockcandy + vaginal? I guess he realized strictly anal don't yo bills.
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)19:14  No.64781  H  P9R8
That sucks, more work even though anal clearly is the best
>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)21:52  No.64783  I  P10R9
Fuck outta heeere
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)00:38  No.64785  J  P11R10
I found a collection of rockcandy's art on sadpanda yesterday and the guy apparently fucking loves vaginal and breeding. Why he barely does any of that in his flash animations is beyond me
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)03:18  No.64789  K  P12R11

Share it!

>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)03:37  No.64790  J  P13R12
It's all on his website
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)07:46  No.64792  L  P14R13
I always thought it was Mittsies who was against vaginal.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)18:48  No.64798  M  P15R14
You dudes are mistaking Rockcandy for Mittsies. Not the same guy.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)19:02  No.64799  N  P16R15
both seemed against vaginas.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)20:41  No.64803  O  P17R16
He was but recently said he's not as opposed to it as he was before, as people pointed out that he's been putting vaginal in his animations ever since the Rudolph revenge flash.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)21:08  No.64804  E  P18R17
It was Rock Candy. Long story short, he had some traumatic experiences during his childhood which exposed 3D pussies as the shitholes they were. In comparison, assholes looked like a godsent to him, so he went with those. But recently his opinions opened up a bit and he isn't as strict with that as he was in the past.

But he might just rather tell you that himself, as he lurks here on swfchan. Occasionally.

>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)22:13  No.64806  P  P19R18
>"exposed 3D pussies as the shitholes they were"
>the real shitholes are godsend in comparison

I can't be the only one to find that both ironic and funny (not shit talking on peoples preferences)

>>Rock Candy  11nov2018(su)22:49  No.64807  Q  P20R19
Outside of the trauma, that's mostly correct. I just find 'em unattractive.

It's funny how people still can't tell me and Mittsies apart.

>>Anonymous  12nov2018(mo)03:16  No.64808  R  P21R20

Well, you two both acted similar to the idea for a while, so I can't blame them. I can at least respect your reasoning and the fact that you talk to us here from time to time. I "attempted" to ask Mittsies the same question, and all I got was a "fuck off" type of response.

I like the acceptance, though. Definitively a move in the right direction for me.

>>???? ????  12nov2018(mo)04:13  No.64810  S  P22R21
Interesting. I never knew the reason went that far.
>>Rock Candy  12nov2018(mo)07:52  No.64811  Q  P23R22
Honestly, the reason why I started accepting it was because so many people wanted to see my characters getting dicked in the pussy. Some were really passionate about it, and I guess that's how it started.
>>Anonymous  12nov2018(mo)08:19  No.64812  T  P24R23
How is the progress on the flash coming along? Are you still waiting on a voice actress?
>>Rock Candy  12nov2018(mo)08:59  No.64813  Q  P25R24
Yes, I need her to re-record some of the stuff, but once that is done, I'll get working on those facial animations.
>>Anonymous  12nov2018(mo)14:39  No.64818  U  P26R25
Anal or vaginal I still do enjoy your work.
>>???? ????  12nov2018(mo)19:25  No.64827  S  P27R26
I will replace all your character's in your flashes face with Dick Dastardly's


>>Rock Candy  12nov2018(mo)19:30  No.64829  Q  P28R27
Is that a reference to another flash of mine?
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)02:15  No.64836  T  P29R28
No, Dick Dastardly is just hot.
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)04:39  No.64839  V  P30R29
nice, wish you could take off the blindfold
>>Rock Candy  13nov2018(tu)08:39  No.64843  Q  P31R30
I see. Because I did just that thing in an old flash of mine.

The blindfold and the gag are just temporary.

>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)18:56  No.64854  W  P32R31
Very cool upload! /r/ someone removes that disgusting bush. Girls should always shave down there.
>>Rock Candy  13nov2018(tu)19:40  No.64856  Q  P33R32
I'll add that option in the final version. Even if this girl in particular doesn't care about sex whatsoever, the people responsible for tying her up might clean her up down there.
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)21:30  No.64865  E  P34R33
I like a gentle bush on my 2D sometimes.
>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)06:24  No.64875  X  P35R34

Flash looks great, thanks for the hard work.

>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)07:19  No.64877  W  P36R35
>>Anonymous  14nov2018(we)16:46  No.64884  Y  P37R36
While we're making suggestions, any chance for a hymen pop animation on the first vaginal penetration? That shit is my joint.

Also, do you chat via discord or anything? I'm sure I'm not the only one interested to know more about the person who's been making these flashes for so damn long.

>>Rock Candy  14nov2018(we)20:26  No.64896  Q  P38R37
Yeah, that's entirely possible. I completely forgot that's a thing. I guess you mean the little blood that it is usually represented by, ya?

And ye, I have a discord server. You can find it on my website, too.

>>Anonymous  15nov2018(th)00:03  No.64899  T  P39R38
>Cum leaking out of belly button after cumming in vagina.
That isn't how it works lol.
>>???? ????  16nov2018(fr)02:42  No.64913  Z  P40R39
I just remembered that flash. I forgot all about that.
But, I'm still gonna try eventually.
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)02:53  No.64930  AA  P41R40
>cumming through belly button after any kind of cumming inside
Peritonitis and internal bleeding don't exist in the RockCandyUniverse.
>>Anonymous  17nov2018(sa)17:06  No.64957  E  P42R41
thankfully it doesn't!
>>Anonymous  20nov2018(tu)00:13  No.65023  AB  P43R42
Whichever it is, thanks for not blocking the view with the horse/guy.
>>Anonymous  6dec2018(th)00:14  No.65328  AC  P44R43
In this flash need:
1) properly gaping
2) dp
3) ghost(transparent) dick(s)
4) realistic volume of cum
5) ability to change cocks colors
6) properly cream pie (fix viscosity of semen and speed of leaking/gaping size)
7) skin color/tan
8) more costumes
9) tail animation
And probably remove cum leaking via bell button in vaginal just replace with side leaking when it overflow.
Maybe need optional cum vomit when cum overflow, in anal.
>>Anonymous  6dec2018(th)01:15  No.65331  D  P45R44
realism? no thank you.
>>Anonymous  6dec2018(th)06:37  No.65336  AD  P46R45
You know if you want him to cater to you,
you can PAY for that
>>Anonymous  6dec2018(th)07:46  No.65339  E  P47R46
Anything else I can bring you sir?
Maybe some more cum buttons with a sidedish of De-Niggerfy?
Or could I interest you in today's special: Black dick loli edit?
>>Anonymous  6dec2018(th)17:29  No.65343  G  P48R47
if you seen his earlier works, he likes to make zoo bleed, because her background is she is bullied like all fuck so bash'er over the head, taking her virginity, and if not mistaken anal tearing.
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