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>>Anonymous  6nov2018(tu)19:33  No.64617  OP  P1

Nympho Waifu HACKED.swf (17.64 MiB)
800x600, Compressed (Deflate). 3 frames, 40 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>???? ????  7nov2018(we)19:42  No.64643  A  P2R1
Dab on them patreon supporters.
>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)14:52  No.64660  B  P3R2
are the drawings original? looks like someone took them out of an old japanese game and repacked them into a flash game
>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)15:01  No.64661  C  P4R3
That's exactly what it is.
>>???? ????  8nov2018(th)21:52  No.64662  A  P5R4
I don't really think so, since the only time I can call them stealing art was for the original demo of Re:Maid they made years ago and people called them out on it.
>>Anonymous  9nov2018(fr)22:57  No.64715  D  P6R5
many dabs
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)04:11  No.64791  E  P7R6
You can't tell just from how it looks? This is obviously stolen art.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)12:23  No.64793  F  P8R7
Well, this is worthless. They basically stole a bunch of artwork and wrote a script around it. Just go to any good RP community and get the same shit for free and completely unique in the process.
>>???? ????  11nov2018(su)18:40  No.64797  A  P9R8
Actually, after playing this again the art looks too much like early official 90's visual novel art.
I'm starting to think your not as wrong as I thought.
It's a good thing I never donate to patreon like a fool.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)19:14  No.64800  G  P10R9
99% sure these are from those old Meet'n'Fuck games.
>>Anonymous  11nov2018(su)19:24  No.64801  H  P11R10
You guy are not wrong, BUT the writing is actually kinda great haha, you can turn on lots of cheats at once and it gets hilarious
>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)09:00  No.64845  I  P12R11
ripped from futago no haha seihonnou

>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)19:59  No.64857  J  P13R12

but what about all the LEGITIMATE content creators you hurt with your cynicism?

>>Anonymous  13nov2018(tu)21:10  No.64862  K  P14R13
Not hacked enough. That fucking paywall is still there.
>>???? ????  16nov2018(fr)02:40  No.64912  L  P15R14
Nooooooo. They lied?! But, I thought they changed. :(
I don't know. I usually like them if the content is good.🤔
>>Anonymous  18nov2018(su)07:13  No.64981  M  P16R15
They officially acquired the assets, but they still recycled content.
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)03:43  No.65120  N  P17R16
> new thing in Summer 2017
Did they actually do it?
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)07:11  No.65122  O  P18R17
Hina : Good Ending, first ever time playing, get on my level
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)17:23  No.65133  P  P19R18
>tried to rekindle our relationship
>accidentally ended up breaking up with her
story of my life
>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)17:26  No.65134  P  P20
"Yes. It might come as a shock to you to learn, but the busty pirate cowcat crawling towards me over the bed, is in fact my biological daughter."
>>???? ????  26nov2018(mo)00:03  No.65139  L  P21R19
Uh okay. I'm starting to get confused.
>>Anonymous  2dec2018(su)07:45  No.65266  Q  P22R20

Won't somebody please think of the shitty porn artists who beg on the internet?!

>>Anonymous  2dec2018(su)10:08  No.65267  R  P23R21

Every written line in this "game" makes me grind my teeth in cringe-induced frustration.
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