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>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  3nov2018(sa)05:39  No.64537  OP  P1
Summer's Birthday v0.6.1

This should be the last fix, I didn't fix the last version properly. Sorry to spam. There should definitely be a delete button...Please delete the other two versions.

Summer's Birthday v0.6.1.swf (9.89 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed (Deflate). 29 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)06:48  No.64538  A  P2R1
so lemme see if i understand this...the "fix" you posted earlier wasnt to put in incest, that was a bug, which you actually fixed in this version?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  3nov2018(sa)06:55  No.64539  OP  P3R2
>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)08:26  No.64540  B  P4R3
adding to the incest "bug" list.

> Gwendolen Main
> Summer face sitting
> Change partner to Beth
> Change Main to Beth

I'm beginning to think you need to redo the code for this since you need to keep incest out of it.

>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)10:04  No.64541  C  P5R4
>no new flashes
>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)12:24  No.64543  D  P6R5
the code doesnt even work wtf
>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)13:57  No.64546  B  P7R6
the Code for the titjob?
It's already unlocked so not needed..
That might be another bug though.
>>Anonymous  3nov2018(sa)20:23  No.64555  E  P8R7
Not to act or come off as entitled,
but Incest version when?
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)02:19  No.64559  F  P9R8
it's a patreon work soo... never

unless EroPharaoh releases a version specifically for releasing to swfchan or other non-patreon place.

>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)02:39  No.64560  G  P10R9
beth as face partner. free blanket
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)02:40  No.64561  G  P11
need incest now
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)04:01  No.64562  G  P12
fine ill make my own patch
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)08:08  No.64570  H  P13R10
It originally wasn't though. EroPharaoh's first initial release of this had incest with morty. But the Patreon moralfags decided nope. Nobody gets to have harmless fun but us normal people. And then every other artist on there decided to suck patreon cock and be their bitches because supporting censorship is totes the best u guize.
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)09:09  No.64571  I  P14R11
god fucking bless eropharaoh :)
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  4nov2018(su)09:15  No.64573  OP  P15R12
The very original version was actually just Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole. Morty and the others were added from anon/fan requests.

Patreon's incest rule change was due to their payment partners demands (most likely Paypal, they're the prudest bunch of fucks). If Paypal wasn't available as a payment option for Patreon, there would most likely be significantly less patrons to help support artists.

Unfortunately this is the real world, and unless someone makes a payment service as widely used as Paypal that's okay with "high-risk" content, it's come down to following their rules or not having the funds to do this at all.

Damn, thanks for pointing that out. I noticed a few other bugs as well. I will upload a new version of this after I do more tests to make sure I didn't miss anything else.

>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)12:01  No.64576  F  P16R13
the patreon shit is more complicated than "all the artists suck the moralfag cocks and embrace censorship" but you can be naive and believe whatever you want.
>>Anonymous  4nov2018(su)17:04  No.64580  J  P17R14
Make a non-patreon version with incest and post it here pls.
>>Anonymous  5nov2018(mo)13:38  No.64600  B  P18R15
No problem. also
>disable POV
must switch to titjob and back to enable POV
Disabling it again requires the same.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  5nov2018(mo)14:16  No.64604  OP  P19R16
The new version's up on Newgrounds but I figured I'd wait a little bit before posting it here just in case there's anything else (and I already feel like I'm spamming with all these bug fixes.)

Fortunately someone else did tell me about that before I finished, but still it's very much appreciated. I probably wouldn't have ever found that bug on my own...
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