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>>random Crow  28oct2018(su)02:06  No.64341  OP  P1
Riding the lizard

She sure knows how :)

Riding the lizard.swf (601.8 KiB)
600x650, Compressed (Deflate). 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  28oct2018(su)13:49  No.64365  A  P2R1
Cum inside her doesn't match the amount that comes out.
>>???? ????  28oct2018(su)19:17  No.64375  B  P3R2
Put some buttons in there crow.
>>random Crow  28oct2018(su)19:22  No.64376  OP  P4R3
I can make the cum pool larger
4 aren't enough? :p
>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)14:07  No.64436  C  P5R4
Really good, but I started to get the impression of weird proportions of her (fore)arms for some reason during the cum inflation and it makes her look kinda ridiculous or is it just me?
>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)20:26  No.64447  A  P6R5
Her arms are a bit weird, I don't know much about pixel art to tell you how to fix them. But it's your style so whatever works. Also the handjob sfx sounds dry like brushing your forearm skin rather than something moist. If you got a mic for recording I would suggest you get some jelly in a bowl and make all kinds of cum sounds or getting some on your finger and just stroke it with the jelly. That's how zone-sama gets their sounds anyway.
>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)20:29  No.64448  A  P7
I agree, that sound might have worked in the Mavis flash because she was stroking hair but this is a hunk of meat.
>>random Crow  29oct2018(mo)20:43  No.64449  OP  P8R6
This is the standard handjob sounds for my animations, but I get your points. I will try to get some new ones in the future
>>Anonymous  30oct2018(tu)10:27  No.64462  A  P9R7
You're being really cool with this huh? Most people would take insult and start deleting comments or something if this were a feedback forum.
>>random Crow  30oct2018(tu)21:39  No.64472  OP  P10R8
It much depends on HOW people react. If they point something out and say "this is shit" then most creators won't just listen or have a bad day cause of that. Even if this person is actually right, there is always a way to say things in a constructive matter.
>>Anonymous  31oct2018(we)00:33  No.64474  D  P11R9
i think it's really fuckin good mate
>>Jesus  2nov2018(fr)20:26  No.64514  E  P12R10
Bland as fuck
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