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>>Anonymous  27oct2018(sa)17:18  No.64328  OP  P1
Removed jumpscare + loop only version

I tried

~vinylr.swf (19.87 MiB)
800x450, Compressed (Deflate). 586 frames, 30 fps (00:20).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  28oct2018(su)02:19  No.64340  A  P2R1
simple but i like. what was the jumpscare?
>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)03:33  No.64342  B  P3R2
thx OP u are doing gods work

my boner says thank you
now how do i unsee the jumpscare

here dude (ignore the streakfagging plz)

>>Anonymous  28oct2018(su)09:47  No.64354  C  P4R3
For as long as you namefag, I will always remember your stupidity in that thread.
>>Anonymous  28oct2018(su)13:02  No.64357  A  P5R4
oh i see
>>not-a-namefag-Anonymous  28oct2018(su)13:06  No.64358  B  P6R5
retard named w7 890

Lesson well learnt sir
also sorry im a newfag here

>>not GlaDOS  28oct2018(su)13:12  No.64360  B  P7
when will you forgive my friend w7? 🎵

he just wanted to have fun
he is sorry
he realized he was wrong
🎵 🎵 🎵

>>Aperture Science Staff  28oct2018(su)13:15  No.64361  B  P8
bla blah

why are you so mean at trolls 🎵
they just wanted to laugh 🎵

>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)13:18  No.64362  B  P9
plz have mercy

cmon m8 plz
it was a long time ago
i already learnt my lesson
(sorry my streakfagging)

>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)13:29  No.64363  B  P10
cmon plz

wanna play sage the derailed thread

>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)09:41  No.64431  C  P11R6
Holy shit, you're either retarded or underage. Maybe both.
>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)12:15  No.64434  D  P12R7
good job samefagging

it's not even funny, it's just sad

>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)14:13  No.64438  E  P13R8
Maybe it was IRONIC samefagging!

Jeez, there I thought you matured just a little bit. It would have been totally okay to stop at that post, but why >>64360 >>64361 >>64362 >>64363 ?
You do know that people can see your assigned post letter "B" right?
Just because one person insulted you ... you don't have to respond three times.

>>defunct bot named w7 890  29oct2018(mo)17:12  No.64439  F  P14
the spambot says sorry

ok this is my last post in the thread
im so sorry plz
yes im both gotta get my brain checked tomorrow see ya
and thx 4 letting me remember my appointment
also thread saged
lastly i forgot to say the streakfagging was intentional

>>w7 890  29oct2018(mo)17:15  No.64440  F  P15R9
help plz

also how do u keep ur ID
mine changes everytime i reboot the pc

>>Anonymous  30oct2018(tu)18:29  No.64469  E  P16R10
It depends on IP I think, so it seems you get a new IP after every reboot.
Sounds more like an ISP setting though, do you use dynamic IP adresses?
It's not a problem though, the letter is just a post aid. You use a name anyway.
>>Anonymous  2nov2018(fr)17:21  No.64512  G  P17R11
you are a lying faggot

there is no jump scare

>>Anonymous  5nov2018(mo)13:33  No.64599  H  P18R12

but did u see his streakfagging

>>thread bumper  12nov2018(mo)12:37  No.64816  I  P19
fak u w7 guy

what thread
u liar
and SAGED!!
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