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>>KJ  23oct2018(tu)15:33  No.64230  OP  P1
Final Fantasy x Hidden Cove , and Drake and Minotaur

Hey admin can you fixed this file it's because it's broken when I played this game it recently forward or played itself like faster I don't know why I tried everything I can but it won't help plz fixed it

>>Lucifer  23oct2018(tu)18:35  No.64235  A  P2R1
Easy enough?

When testing, they both worked fine. Try using another browser, firefox works best with flash, in my opinion.

>>KJ  25oct2018(th)05:27  No.64262  B  P3R2
Still won't work

Well it's still won't work😥😥😥 I tried

>>Anonymous  25oct2018(th)11:02  No.64278  C  P4R3
Seems to work fine on my browser too.
Sorry man, it's a problem on your end. Have you updated your flashplayer to latest version?
>>KJ  26oct2018(fr)05:19  No.64299  D  P5R4
It's latest version

U mean my browser..yeah it's a latest version alright..

>>KJ  26oct2018(fr)05:19  No.64300  D  P6
It's latest version

U mean my browser.... It's latest version alright..

>>KJ  26oct2018(fr)05:38  No.64301  D  P7
Use another phone and it's latest version

I used another phone to download this game but when I played it ,it played itself like its recently broke or something

>>KJ  26oct2018(fr)05:41  No.64302  D  P8
Like video

It's like a video that recently broken or something

>>Anonymous  27oct2018(sa)21:40  No.64335  C  P9R5
welp, don't tell me you watch flashes primarily on your smartphone?
because from what I know flash works like a bitch on phones, you might wanna check with a PC or convert to an APK file
>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)06:16  No.64350  E  P10R6
hope it helps

try this OP
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