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>>bot named w7 890 nottrippy  13oct2018(sa)20:01  No.64080  OP  P1
help plz file contains secret sex scenes (not important)

help plz decompile again IMPORTANT (not really) :]

really need help again plz
this swf has a bunch of secret sex scenes
but i dunno how to access them
(hint try moving the seekbar to the right and middle)
continuation of (ignore)

deoxypus adventures.swf (485.8 KiB)
550x400, Compressed (Deflate). 1650 frames, 10 fps (02:45).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  13oct2018(sa)22:04  No.64081  A  P2R1
Is it that "Land before time" thingy?
It can be accessed by clicking on that yellow book on the nursery.
Dunno about more hidden stuff...
>>Anonymous  13oct2018(sa)22:04  No.64082  A  P3
Is it that "Land before time" thingy?
It can be accessed by clicking on that yellow book on the nursery.
There's another secret on "Taking a bath" where you click on a bush on the bottom...
Dunno about more hidden stuff...
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)05:01  No.64094  B  P4R2
This isn't all bad for furry.
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)12:06  No.64098  C  P5R3
lmao, wtf is this? Looks like some 12 y/o did this in MS Paint
>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)15:57  No.64116  D  P6R4
probably because it was
>>Anonymous  17oct2018(we)19:41  No.64121  E  P7R5
w7, how do you find these flashes?

I've checked, there's no more hidden stuff, that's all there is. Though, I did find an unused stick figure which was probably used as a placeholder.


>>w7 890 nottrippy  18oct2018(th)05:11  No.64125  F  P8R6
here ya go pal

i click FURRY or PORN on swfchan and click on random numbers
sometimes i search these cats: furry oral dragon
this was found on

also vry gr8 thx m8
sorry 4 late reply

oh and do u use linux

>>Anonymous  18oct2018(th)05:20  No.64127  G  P9R7
is ur pc fine

yo OP
what happened to w7
why did u ditch microshaft

>>Mr microshaft  18oct2018(th)05:26  No.64128  H  P10R8
hello again lunix fags

install windows plz
ill give you a free licence

>>w7 890 nottrippy  18oct2018(th)06:17  No.64129  F  P11R9

well my windows became unbootable
after installing a program and some updates
so i backed my data and decided to setup w10 installer
but nah i needed to keep my privacy so i ended up installing linux
also cuz its free and secure
>>is ur pc fine
yes the PC is fine and im enjoying linux

oh incase ur wondering w7 890 is my old nick
im too lazy 2 make a new name

oh look its the faggot of the day again
is one BSOD not enough
>>install windows plz
i have it in my vm
>>ill give you a free licence
no thx maan i got a lot of cracked sofware with me

>>w7 890  18oct2018(th)06:59  No.64132  F  P12
forgot to add this
i decompile every swf i download
to find secrets

anyone have secureswf unpacker ??
i really need it

>>w7 890  18oct2018(th)08:07  No.64133  F  P13
also i check seekbar
>>Anonymous  18oct2018(th)13:54  No.64139  I  P14R10

oh its me again No.64127
thank goodness everything is fine
i thought u deleted sys32 like u said in this thread (obvious sarcasm)
gee thx for derailing topic
now how do i rerail diz thread

>>Anonymous  18oct2018(th)19:35  No.64149  E  P15R11
Yeah, I use Debian Sid with KDE Plasma.
Doesn't secureswf just obfuscate variable names? Under the 'tools' section JPEXS can help you deobfuscate.
>>w7 890  19oct2018(fr)09:22  No.64156  J  P16R12
cool dude

also thx 4 info

>>Anonymous  19oct2018(fr)15:25  No.64161  K  P17R13
please use the attachment function to add images directly to the thread and not use external image hosts
use the [include an attachment] button right below the bottom right of the white comment field


>>w7 890  19oct2018(fr)17:57  No.64166  J  P18R14
ok thx 4 tip
(note for anon the image in the attachment is the same one i uploaded)


>>Anonymous  5nov2018(mo)13:51  No.64602  L  P19R15
hi boiz

hey OP
am i the only one who found something peculiar in this flash

>>Anonymous  5nov2018(mo)20:47  No.64606  E  P20R16
Tell us.
>>Anonymous  6nov2018(tu)12:00  No.64611  M  P21R17

op already knows
also my comment is a troll :)

>>lolifucker943  24nov2018(sa)18:11  No.65117  N  P22R18

hey w7 pls check this out it may also contaun secrets +FULL+VERSION%21+by+Taliesin_the_dragoon+%28Furry+ RubyChomperVookLaprasGwionLandBeforeTimePokemonNic obayCielNiconiumFistSexAnalCockSuckBlowjobCuntboyT itfuckBreastBigFatFillInflationCum%29.swf

>>Anonymous  25nov2018(su)22:04  No.65136  E  P23R19
Contains one secret more than v2.


>>Anon  26nov2018(mo)16:21  No.65143  O  P24R20
this is not w7-890

thx An0n
also where did u click

>>Anonymous  26nov2018(mo)21:27  No.65148  E  P25R21
What do you mean? Go to the mountain (right top of map) scene and click where my mouse is hovering in the picture, it'll take you to the secret.
>>Anonymous  27nov2018(tu)12:05  No.65156  P  P26R22
thx again an0n
>>w7 890  27nov2018(tu)12:06  No.65157  P  P27
just wondering

why do u use linux
and what do u use it for

do u have a sever at home
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