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>>Anonymous  4oct2018(th)22:08  No.63895  OP  P1

i don't care for traps, but i HATE censorship. so i've removed the stupid white bar from this flash.

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>>Anonymous  5oct2018(fr)06:00  No.63902  A  P2R1
"trap", "femboy", "dickgirl"... the actual term for these people is "transvestite". why doesn't anybody use the correct word?
>>Anonymous  5oct2018(fr)06:19  No.63904  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  5oct2018(fr)06:25  No.63905  C  P4R3
Because being PC or accurate is not something any chan is known for let alone this dried up one.
>>Anonymous  5oct2018(fr)18:40  No.63910  OP  P5R4
you got the meaning by reading what i posted. don't give a fuck how 'correct' it is.
>>Anonymous  6oct2018(sa)02:50  No.63919  D  P6R5
"Trap" is a specific type of transvestite, similar to how a jacuzzi is a specific type of hot tub.
>>Anonymous  6oct2018(sa)04:30  No.63921  E  P7R6
Traps trick you into thinking they are a girl. Trannies only trick themselves into thinking they are a girl. Learn the difference, it could save your life.
>>Anonymous  6oct2018(sa)21:51  No.63942  D  P8R7
He said transvestite, not transgender. One dresses like the opposite sex, and the other believes they're the opposite sex.
>>Anonymous  6oct2018(sa)23:42  No.63943  F  P9R8
Oh wow, you're retarded and don't have access to a dictionary. Sad.
>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)07:33  No.63959  G  P10R9
Dickgirl, really?
That's not even real. That's some fantasy ass anime chick with a dick and balls. That's as far from "conservative transvestite" as you can go.
>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)17:58  No.63963  OP  P11R10
if i had known how much drama this flash would have caused i would not have edited it in the first place. fucking soap opera in here.
>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)18:31  No.63964  H  P12R11
how tf you upload something here and dont expect drama??
>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)21:00  No.63967  A  P13R12
didn't think i would upset so many simply by pointing out the correct word to use for these people. fucking lol about trying to claim that "trap" is a specific type of transvestite >>63919. the concept of a guy being a trap is very misused today, people use it even though the dick is right there in plain sight. that's not a trap. a transvestite being a "trap" is more depending on the situation, a property that is lost if you can clearly tell that it's a male. and then there's this guy >>63943 arguing against himself.
>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)05:33  No.63975  I  P14R13
trap is 4 characters long while transvestite is 12 characters long
>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)07:45  No.63979  J  P15R14
you forgot about the terms "cuntboy" and "tom-girl".

But to answer your question, it's more descriptive and/or (in the case of using "trap") shorter to use these terms. In this case "trap" is redundant; in bad taste.

It is, but only in the same way a beautiful blue wall is a type of blue wall.

Dickgirl has started being used in amateur porn to describe shemales, so it's a valid usage here.

I'm just surprised there hasn't been anyone going "niggers REEEEEEEEE"...

now i have to say:

>>w7 890  8oct2018(mo)12:30  No.63984  K  P16R15
so many grammar nazis

im gonna drown here
gulp gulp..
(obvious trolling)

>>Anonymous  9oct2018(tu)10:48  No.63996  E  P17R16
Shut the fuck up you fucking nerds. You all need to be slammed into lockers.
>>Anonymous  9oct2018(tu)10:54  No.63998  G  P18R17
Dickgirl = Shemale?
Jeez man, why even have different word definitions. Just use whatever fucking word pleases you! I mean come on now, it's 2018! Fuck opressing WORDS.
But in all seriousness, Tom-girl is just a fucking boyish looking girl, there's NOTHING masculine about it, most superficial appearance aside, that word has absolutely nothing to do with all that trans bullshit.
And I've yet to encounter the word "cuntboy".
>>Anonymous  10oct2018(we)11:26  No.64017  L  P19R18
tomgirl is girlish looking boy

think your looking for tomboy

>>Anonymous  15oct2018(mo)02:30  No.64100  M  P20R19
Nice one. Thx OP
>>Anonymous  16oct2018(tu)09:57  No.64112  N  P21R20
This. Fucking nerds arguing over right way to say something, just fuckin' jack off and go.
>>Anonymous  17oct2018(we)20:32  No.64123  O  P22R21
Saw warning. Came to comments to call you a fag. Enjoy your sweaty man ass, Faggots
>>attention whore  7nov2018(we)10:38  No.64634  P  P23R22
not w7 890 just no

i suck futa dick all the time
(obvious trolling)

>>Anonymous  8nov2018(th)08:27  No.64657  J  P24
I'm not saying dickgirl=shemale. I'm saying the words are becoming synonyms, in the public's eye at least. This a case of natural language change.

Tom-girl is a girlish acting boy. I may have meant tom-boy though, which is a boyish acting girl. Cuntboy and dickgirl mean masculine body with a cunt and feminine body with a dick respectively.

Transvestite is not the same as transsexual: the former is about acting and dressing like the opposite sex and what we're talking about, the later is a mental condition. Most all transsexuals are transvestites, few transvestites are transsexual.

>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)04:59  No.65908  Q  P25R23
Never been able to find out how to take off the clothes. Anyone know if that's even in this flash? The balls make it look like it should be a feature when you click on them, as well as the nipples.
>>Anonymous  10jan2019(th)11:01  No.65917  R  P26R24
right click
>>Anonymous  12jan2019(sa)05:09  No.65946  Q  P27R25
A scholar you are. Many thanks.
>>Anonymous  14jan2019(mo)19:52  No.65995  S  P28R26
Fixed version when?
>gulp gulp
Careful not to choke on all that cum you're chugging.
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