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>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)13:43  No.63707  OP  P1
GWL3 Gym scene

One of the sex scenes from GWL3, you can find the full game at the link below

And if you'd prefer to download it, you can get it off mediafire

GWL3 Gym Scene.swf (20.73 MiB)
960x630, Compressed. 825 frames, 24 fps (00:34).
Ver25, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)14:13  No.63708  A  P2R1
>cuck porn
Goddamnit OP. Get it together.
Make the guys white.
>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)17:06  No.63710  B  P3R2
second this request. should also remove the "blacked" text from her panties, tho that would take a lot more work for whoever edits the swf
>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)19:34  No.63716  C  P4R3
I see that the crybaby squad is at work in full force again.
>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)20:11  No.63718  D  P5R4

Small dick syndrome. Don't bully, it's a genetic disease.

>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)20:15  No.63719  E  P6R5
Bestiality is illegal, y'know
>>Anonymous  27sep2018(th)22:55  No.63724  F  P7R6
Don't go to their tumblr.
>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)04:01  No.63733  B  P8R7
Good... good... keep making black men with normal dicks insecure.
>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)05:28  No.63737  G  P9R8
>boohoo remove I don't like mommy waaah

God, you are pathetic

>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)07:11  No.63738  H  P10R9
>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)07:41  No.63739  I  P11R10
Requesting song during handjob scene?
>>Anonymous  28sep2018(fr)11:34  No.63745  J  P12R11

make them whatever color you want with 'JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler'. just right click a shape, raw edit, edit 'fill shapes' to whatever color you wish.

export the 'blacked' panties as an svg. edit/cut the 'blacked' letters with inkscape, save, inport to JPEXS.


>>Anonymous  2oct2018(tu)01:02  No.63840  K  P13R12
Black people are only attractive to thots. I'm neither gay nor a whore.
>>Anonymous  9oct2018(tu)16:45  No.64002  L  P14R13
"Blacked" and "Whited" are shitty meme fetishes and I really wish people would fucking get over them already...
>>Anonymous  9oct2018(tu)19:51  No.64003  J  P15R14
so you get to decide what everyone likes, and dislikes? mkay


>>Anonymous  9oct2018(tu)19:53  No.64004  J  P16
so you get to decide what everyone should like, and dislike? who appointed you this position?
>>Anonymous  9oct2018(tu)19:53  No.64005  J  P17
fuck. i tried to remove the reaction image and it posted it anyway. -_-
>>Anonymous  10oct2018(we)03:55  No.64009  M  P18R15
It’s good to see the self hating white boys fantasizing about sub humans Fucking their women. Would you like extra soy with that?
>>Anonymous  10oct2018(we)07:45  No.64011  N  P19R16
There are a thousand different frames in this flash and the piece of shit swf decompiler will only let you edit one at a time, and even editing one frame is tedious as it makes you click about five confirmation windows each time.
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