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>>???? ????  8sep2018(sa)19:41  No.62351  OP  P1
My swf file can't be uploaded

I tried uploading a swf to /fap/, but it couldn't.

>>w7 890  9sep2018(su)08:20  No.62354  A  P2R1
wtf what

dude m8 use

>>???? ????  9sep2018(su)11:13  No.62355  OP  P3R2
Okay, I'll do that
>>???? ????  9sep2018(su)11:20  No.62357  OP  P4
I should've stated this earlier, but the screen i got said the file is not a valid SWF file.
Here's a screenshot:
>>Anonymous  9sep2018(su)12:47  No.62358  B  P5R3
if it's below 10 mb, have you tried uploading it to /f/?
>>Anonymous  9sep2018(su)20:03  No.62364  C  P6R4
Doesn't work.
I had 2 of those files too in the past,
as it says, it's because it's a weirdly compressed and/or formatted swf.
Normally /f/ also doesn't recognize it and tells you it's not a swf file.

I wonder if swfchan detects the hotlinked swf file and also archives it, because it does that sometimes. That would be the only way to archive those files.

If not, then don't bother uploading to some host. It'll be gone before you know it, there is no point.

>>???? ????  10sep2018(mo)03:10  No.62370  OP  P7R5
>>Anonymous  11sep2018(tu)00:11  No.62398  B  P8R6
If /f/ also doesn't recognize it it probably means the flash is LZMA compressed. Decompress the flash and it will upload to both swfchan and /f/ just fine. If it is very large in decompressed state just recompress it using legacy DEFLATE.

You can check if it is indeed a LZMA flash by opening the swf file in Notepad. Make sure the encoding is ANSI and not Unicode (notepad may flip over to Unicode when you select the swf file so you need to change it back). The first three characters are interesting: "FWS" = Uncompressed. "CWS" = DEFLATE compressed. "ZWS" = LZMA compressed.

I've not tested below myself but JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler should be able to decompress a swf file:
java -jar ffdec.jar -decompress myfile.swf myfiledec.swf

>>Anonymous  11sep2018(tu)00:45  No.62399  B  P9
Complete guide, just tested it myself and confirmed the output files so it works:

A) If you don't have Java, go to:
B) Install it and reboot just in case it's needed.

1) Go to: releases
3) Download "" (version number may have changed).
4) Make a folder named "jpexs", extract the zip in it.
5) Move your flash.swf into "jpexs" (the same folder as ffdec.jar).
6) Press WinKey+R (open "Run" dialog box), type cmd and hit enter.
7) Type (with full path to your folder): cd "c:\jpexs"
8) Type: java -jar ffdec.jar -decompress "flash.swf" myfiledec.swf
9) Type: java -jar ffdec.jar -compress zlib myfiledec.swf done.swf

Now you will have three files:
+ flash.swf - Your original.
+ myfiledec.swf - The decompressed version.
+ done.swf - The recompressed DEFLATE version.

Try uploading done.swf first, just don't forget to rename it back to the original file name!

Note: Even if your original flash is not compressed using LZMA this is worth testing because the swf file is reconstructed so any errors within may disappear.

>>Anonymous  13sep2018(th)00:02  No.62457  OP  P10R7
Yup. I already have Java.
But, Jpex? I could never get used to the ui.
Thanks for the information I'll check back if it works.
>>???? ????  14sep2018(fr)01:19  No.62485  OP  P11
It worked. Thanks for the help! :D
>>Anonymous  14sep2018(fr)16:39  No.62496  B  P12R8
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  28sep2018(fr)02:58  No.63731  SWF  P13R9
Just added support of LZMA flashes to the site so the decompress trick should no longer be needed.
>>w7 890  28sep2018(fr)04:20  No.63734  E  P14R10
good work admin :]
what was that file
>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)20:53  No.63785  C  P15R11
It's like Ants still goes the extra mile for his people :]
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