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>>random Crow  6sep2018(th)17:54  No.62301  OP  P1
Lily the kobold gets gangbanged

This was a comission.
Artist: random Crow

Lily gangbang.swf (275.8 KiB)
1800x875.35, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6sep2018(th)20:32  No.62303  A  P2R1
The animation is ok but is all that empty space around it really necessary? Might as well just make the flash smaller.
>>random Crow  6sep2018(th)21:05  No.62304  OP  P3R2
Having the whole room on the screen was actually part of the comission.
>>Anonymous  7sep2018(fr)06:41  No.62316  B  P4R3
I'm not so sure that fucking two dudes counts as getting gangbanged...
>>Anonymous  8sep2018(sa)03:44  No.62332  A  P5R4
I've heard of some weird fetishes but "wasted screen space" fetish is the weirdest :p Hope he paid big for it.
>>???? ????  8sep2018(sa)10:59  No.62347  C  P6R5
How come this isn't on your newgrounds page?
>>random Crow  8sep2018(sa)12:05  No.62349  OP  P7R6
probably to get a feeling like in the main game :)

tbh I was afraid of the harsh rating scores xD
But since you asked, I will upload it there today, maybe there are more people who missed it cause of that reason

>>Anonymous  9sep2018(su)19:59  No.62363  D  P8R7
Might as well right click and zoom in.
But zoom out you cannot, so the more space the better.
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