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>>Anonymous  6sep2018(th)13:17  No.62296  OP  P1
Can anyone figure out why the cock this crashes the stand alone swf projector?

alfa995 carmelita.swf (1.24 MiB)
550x700, Compressed. 2 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  6sep2018(th)15:39  No.62299  A  P2R1
are you the guy who wanted to edit the sound with jpex?
>>Anonymous  6sep2018(th)16:53  No.62300  B  P3R2
try re-downloading the projector. works fine in projector 11, and 29 for me.
>>Anonymous  6sep2018(th)18:34  No.62302  C  P4R3
Using 30 here. Which one you using OP?
>>Anonymous  7sep2018(fr)00:56  No.62312  D  P5R4
using 23 and it works fine
>>w7 890  2oct2018(tu)14:12  No.63857  E  P6R5
me 2 m8

im using SA 31
on linux mint

>>w7 890  2oct2018(tu)14:25  No.63858  E  P7
other swf has same problem

the browser plugin works fine
however on a windows machine even the latest
flash SA it also fails as well
for other flahes this is also the case
i hope someone figures out a solution for this

>>w7 890  2oct2018(tu)14:27  No.63859  E  P8
if anyone has the same problem with different
swf plz upload them here and add link
>>Anonymous  2oct2018(tu)20:50  No.63861  B  P9R6
my guess is your system is unstable. the flash loads/runs fine on windows flash 31 stand alone. try running prime95, and memtest to check for stability.
>>w7 890  29oct2018(mo)18:12  No.64443  F  P10R7
gonna kick this thread boop

help plz
system stress test check
reinstall OS check
so far no errors
realize that this only happens on certain flashes X
dunno whats wrong the player refuses to open them
on my w7 VM i used IE11 and it works
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