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>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)09:52  No.62094  OP  P1
Creambee - PPT V3


Creambee - PPT V3.swf (4.58 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed. 19 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>???? ????  28aug2018(tu)09:58  No.62095  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)11:03  No.62097  B  P3R2
What is different in this compared to the previous version?
>>???? ????  28aug2018(tu)11:37  No.62098  A  P4R3
Nothing! Just an aroused mode when you fill the heart.
Also, apparently Creambee is taking a break from this.
So the next version won't come out in a while.
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)18:29  No.62104  C  P5R4
When switching characters, they say Hi. Top left gem on left side makes them aroused instantly. Bottom right gem makes them normal.
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)21:52  No.62109  D  P6R5
1. Do the tit-fuck
2. Make her lick the dick
3. Click the the top-left gem if she's isn't in "aroused" mode yet and vice-versa
4. ???
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)23:35  No.62111  E  P7R6
Why did I read the first 2 lines and thought this was going to be a rap song?
>>???? ????  29aug2018(we)03:31  No.62116  A  P8R7
Oh no!


>>Anonymous  29aug2018(we)06:28  No.62117  F  P9R8
Flat chest mode when?
>>Anonymous  29aug2018(we)06:46  No.62118  G  P10R9
He never finishes anything.
>>Anonymous  30aug2018(th)06:30  No.62136  H  P11R10
Anybody know how to use vibrator and the plug?
Sorry for my bad english i speak spanish.
>>Zero  30aug2018(th)06:30  No.62137  H  P12
Anybody know how to use vibrator and the plug? Sorry for my bad english i speak spanish.
>>Anonymous  30aug2018(th)08:40  No.62139  I  P13R11
WIP = trabajo en progreso
WIP = work in progress
>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)07:39  No.62151  J  P14R12
How are you supposed to start the titjob? I can't seem to figure it out.

Here's something else I noticed:
1. Initiate fellatio.
2. Hit arousal gem
3. ???
4. dude, where's my dick?

>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)07:39  No.62152  J  P15
1. Do steps 1 - 2
2. Wait until the dick icon turns to come icon
3. Click arousal gem
4. ????
5. Click the come icon
6. Profit
>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)15:28  No.62158  K  P16R13
Just drag the dick to the tits.
>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)15:30  No.62159  K  P17

Also it is manual operation. Once the dick is between the tits, you gotta drag up and down the tits yourself.

>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)19:25  No.62162  L  P18R14
IF you drag left it will auto now.
>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)10:06  No.62216  M  P19R15
is there a way to clean the cum?
>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)08:46  No.62232  J  P20R16

I was confused at first because you need to pull the shirt off completely before you can do the titjob. I wish you could pull the skirt and underwear separately too.

>>Anonymous  10sep2018(mo)21:18  No.62397  N  P21R17
You technically could, the panty strings can be grabbed if you look slightly above their pants. There's no animation for the shorts once you do this, though.
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