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>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)20:03  No.62051  OP  P1
Anyone got the full version somewhere?

Ši“¬—ßìƒJƒŒƒ“‘ÌŒ±”Å.swf (25.56 MiB)
600x600, Compressed. 88 frames, 24 fps (00:04).
Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)20:14  No.62052  A  P2
nice filename
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)20:35  No.62054  B  P3
wow, filename screwed up the upload AND the archive?
that must have been some zalgo ass shit
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)22:07  No.62057  C  P4R1
It's actually the site fault, input escape is a thing.
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)23:09  No.62058  A  P5
how do you mean it screwed up the archive?
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)01:32  No.62062  B  P6R2
welp, just checked, it's actually in there
when I tried it before it wasn't in the archive (use link "find in archive"), so I thought the server rejected the file completely, but I guess it was just taking more than 30mins to process the archive request
I dun goofed
>>???? ????  27aug2018(mo)09:04  No.62065  D  P7R3
Wow! It really is.
I have it, I'll even tell you the title.
It's "Karen, Daughter of Martial Arts Plutocrat" or "格闘令嬢カレン"
I'll get it right away.
>>???? ????  27aug2018(mo)09:35  No.62066  D  P8
This will delete in 30 days and it's partially translated.
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)10:40  No.62068  E  P9R4
> >62066
the rar file is damaged so i can't extract it
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)10:40  No.62069  E  P10
the rar is damaged can't extract it
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)15:00  No.62071  F  P11R5
download it again. opened/extracted fine with 7-Zip 16.04
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  27aug2018(mo)16:20  No.62073  SWF  P12R6
Automatic archiving did indeed fail, I added the flash manually to the archive as "JSK RJ222358 demo.swf". It's the free demo from /RE222358.html Was going to post here yesterday but I forgot. contains the flash with the filename OP uploaded. It was received successfully on the server and the filename is valid (well, "valid"), however the web software think the URL request looks suspicious so it is refused as a security measure. In this case it was the zero-width character between the ß and ì that caused problems. I'll add "try to find and remove zero-width characters from uploaded filenames" to my TODO.

>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)21:53  No.62080  B  P13R7
based admin suffering for our sins
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)22:49  No.62081  H  P14R8
yours is missing many sub files... maybe check this one out (first time I tried using that site)
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)22:49  No.62082  H  P15
yours is missing many sub files... maybe check this one out (first time I tried using that site)
hope this works (maybe that upload site deletes stuff?)
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)23:17  No.62084  H  P16
this one is working
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)01:02  No.62086  I  P17R9
the scenes are still either taken out of corrupted...
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)15:22  No.62101  E  P18R10
when you say sub, i'm assuming your not talking about subtitles?
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)18:51  No.62105  B  P19R11
I'd suppose he meant sub-files
the first download only has 1 instead of what, 10, of the sub-files
but it's still the same size more or less, so maybe anon just merged them all into one file?
haven't tried if it actually works that way
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)19:40  No.62107  J  P20R12
Will share a link to my JSK stash in a bit. Uploading it now with my shitty internet.
>>???? ????  28aug2018(tu)21:05  No.62108  D  P21R13
Yeah it was all i had. Thanks for helping.
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)22:05  No.62110  J  P22R14
As promised!j7RyHABB!-e0kDDn_tsbFJuqH2PGzW w
>>Anonymous  29aug2018(we)02:56  No.62114  OP  P23R15
someone has to step up and translate the 3 new ones tbh...
>>???? ????  29aug2018(we)03:28  No.62115  D  P24R16
No u
>>Anonymous  29aug2018(we)08:19  No.62119  K  P25R17
Thanks anon.
>>Anonymous  29aug2018(we)15:17  No.62120  OP  P26R18
I would but I'm a pleb that doesn't know sushinese
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