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>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  21aug2018(tu)20:38  No.61959  OP  P1
ver 1.3

Forgot to post here too since I usually go to /f/ instead lol.
Added a whole bunch of stuff and still looking for suggestions if you have em. Not just name drops but give me some ideas too.

super_smash_a_pokegirl_ver_1.3.swf (7.03 MiB)
640x500, Compressed. 731 frames, 15 fps (00:49).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  21aug2018(tu)21:06  No.61960  A  P2R1
Check your steam you fag
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)00:53  No.61962  B  P3R2
That Hilda scene is perfection. Praise the lord.
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)03:52  No.61965  C  P4R3
Maybe add some may doggy? Could be pretty sweat.
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)04:10  No.61966  D  P5R4
A total of 4 Misty scenes right? Really like the progress so far, although better drawings could help, also Hilda is adorable.
>>???? ????  22aug2018(we)07:06  No.61970  E  P6R5
Putting sexual innuendos in a flash that contains sex feel like a paradox.
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)07:06  No.61971  F  P7R6
forgive me if it's obvious: How do you trigger the full scene with Kris?
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)08:29  No.61973  G  P8R7
Is there more to the Dawn scene?

And how do you get the full Kris scene?

>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)08:38  No.61974  G  P9
Do you have a website or anything?
>>???? ????  22aug2018(we)10:04  No.61976  E  P10R8
They have no website
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)10:33  No.61977  H  P11R9
Yknow that girl with the BIG hat from HG/SS?
Maybe a gangbang scene with her and some rocket grunts would be a good part in the mix.
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)23:13  No.61982  I  P12R10
y-you didn't forget about us :,)
>>Anonymous  23aug2018(th)08:21  No.61985  J  P13R11
Mallow from Sun/Moon

Blind taste testing phallic shaped objects-A mushroom, a dick, a banana, etc.

Bianca from Gen 5

Fake Taxi in Castelia City-Only it'd be "unscripted" since Bianca is ditsy and would believe they're not filming it.

Moon from Sun/Moon

Mooning the viewer and saying "Alola"

>>Anonymous  23aug2018(th)10:44  No.61987  K  P14R12
For Kris, after the cum scene ends click forward
>>Anonymous  23aug2018(th)21:56  No.61989  L  P15R13
Try clicking the sun in the Misty scene after removing her bra.
>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)04:17  No.61998  D  P16R14
Cheers, anything more or can I just see her pussy
>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)04:19  No.61999  D  P17
Or rather, there's her phone and it says password but I can't do anything with it.
>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)07:24  No.62003  M  P18R15
Anal with Clair from behind.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  26aug2018(su)01:50  No.62040  OP  P19R16
I like the way you guys think.

Also thank you everyone for the nice words. I may not respond to all of you but I'm still taking everyones comments into consideration.

>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)08:54  No.62045  N  P20R17
Is there a password for misty's phone or is that gonna be enabled next update?
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)09:21  No.62046  O  P21R18
Click the sun in the topless photo
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)18:51  No.62049  P  P22R19
Sauce on the music used in the Dawn scene?
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)22:58  No.62083  Q  P23R20
Hilbert has sex with a female npc in a trailer and she transforms into a zoroark and scares him.
>>Anonymous  28aug2018(tu)19:20  No.62106  R  P24R21
Dawn still needs to get dicked tho
>>Anonymous  30aug2018(th)03:22  No.62134  S  P25R22
Hex maniac inflation scene. Drinking milk to swell up huge. Or maybe water gun in her pussy.
>>Anonymous  30aug2018(th)08:26  No.62138  T  P26R23
Get out of here Dobson
>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)01:06  No.62147  U  P27R24
Modify that garbage idea and have the Hex Maniac drinking her milk out of her tit while either riding or standing leg-over-shoulder style.
>>Anonymous  10sep2018(mo)00:38  No.62368  V  P28R25
Hex Maniac at night and riding on top with a half-crazed look.
>>Anonymous  10sep2018(mo)01:56  No.62369  W  P29R26
I want psyduck to get its own scene.
>>Anonymous  10sep2018(mo)08:26  No.62393  X  P30R27
Just some Hex Maniac please I dunno why but something about having a cute, crazy-looking, /x/-tier gf is appealing.
>>Anonymous  10sep2018(mo)15:17  No.62394  Y  P31R28
This. I liked the comedy element, but she's the cutest pokegirl and having her excluded from the fun times is tragic.
>>Anonymous  11sep2018(tu)00:59  No.62401  I  P32R29
>>Anonymous  18sep2018(tu)08:47  No.62560  Z  P33R30
Any word on 1.4?
>>Anonymous  19sep2018(we)02:45  No.62568  D  P34R31
I need a fucking update, lemme fuck Misty
>>Anonymous  19sep2018(we)05:47  No.62571  AA  P35R32
Something to do with Mina, anything as long as Mina is in it
>>Anonymous  20sep2018(th)02:52  No.62582  AB  P36R33
Why you inflation and feet smelling cunts gotta ruin things? you guys polluted DeviantArt. Leave this alone.
>>Anonymous  20sep2018(th)09:08  No.62585  AC  P37R34
If it aint inflating,
It aint worth debating.
>>DinDin<3!96.E5MJGcE  21sep2018(fr)17:10  No.62617  OP  P38R35


>>Anonymous  22sep2018(sa)03:19  No.62621  AD  P39R36
Season one Sabrina please. Not even nearly enough work with her and I've had a thing for her ever since Zone's couple of pictures involving her.
>>Anonymous  22sep2018(sa)08:18  No.62623  AE  P40R37
Hex Maniac the sex maniac.
>>Anonymous  5oct2018(fr)06:39  No.63906  AF  P41R38
Is this only undressing for Leaf? Disappointed
>>Anonymous  13oct2018(sa)14:27  No.64077  AG  P42R39
All this discussion, and I still don't know how to trigger Crystal's deep throat scene.
>>Anonymous  13oct2018(sa)17:49  No.64079  AH  P43R40
right click + play, after the cum scene
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)04:49  No.64090  AI  P44R41
Crystal-chan's name is Kris, you know.

I'm all for secret scenes an shit, but it makes it really hard to fap to.
There should be at least a button offscreen that you would tab to.

>>Anonymous  15oct2018(mo)09:14  No.64103  AJ  P45R42
ETA on 1.4?
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