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>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)06:41  No.61105  OP  P1
3shrooms(loof).swf (3.29 MiB)
1000x1000, Compressed. 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)13:42  No.61114  A  P2R1
-8 please don't abandon vectors
>>???? ????  21jul2018(sa)06:49  No.61134  B  P3R2
The day Minus8 makes art on places besides Picarto for good, is the day I'd eat a sheet of paper with a drawing of Rayman on it.
What's vector?
>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)19:22  No.61140  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)20:45  No.61142  D  P5R4
A method of images, or whatever, it's used for logo's and such because it's infinitely scale-able, it has no set image size, as such is used in his flashes often. Vector images are made with shapes, you cannot mix colours generally nor make pixels coloured as there are no pixels. Raster images are jpg, png, etc.
>>???? ????  22jul2018(su)03:36  No.61145  B  P6R5
Thanks for the info
>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)19:47  No.61191  E  P7R6
>notoriously frequents board about Flash
>a program which speciality is drawing in vector format
>to appreciate this as the superior format just because of that alone
>posts dramatic "The day when" comment
>doesn't know about vector art at all

Sorry to borrow this from the chans but:
>The fucking absolute state of this board.

Flash displays objects like you natively think a video would.
There a circle on the screen.
Flash moves that circle to right.
All it needs is the information of the circle and when and where to move it. The movement itself is created as is on the screen by the receiver.
Now compare it with a traditional video.
It's basically a series of pictures.
So for the circle to move, you have a picture of the circle, frame for frame, always a teeny beeny weeny to the side each picture.
So to store that you need all the pixels, for all the frames that exist in this movie. Neither the video itself, nor the enduser program even knows the existence of a circle there. It's just a bunch of coloured dots.

This is the reason that swf file size is so low most of the time.
If you use the same circle 100 times, it's barely even more filesize that comes with it.
If you have a circle in an mpg 100 times, you'll get (roughly) 100 times the filesize.

>>???? ????  25jul2018(we)06:59  No.61233  B  P8R7
That's a mouthful
>>Anonymous  25jul2018(we)14:51  No.61239  F  P9R8
I'll give you a mouthful
*whips out dick*
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)03:07  No.61248  A  P10R9
Now this thread is starting to go places.
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