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>>Nanonymous  5jul2018(th)09:04  No.60789  OP  P1
more heroes

more heroes

more_heroes_interactive_1080p.swf (18.08 MiB)
1920x1080, Compressed. 2 frames, 12 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)13:38  No.60793  A  P2R1
very nice, thanks! would have preferred it without shota but still very nice

it's cool to see correct smoothing setting for video scaling as well! not sure if this has been a problem with washa specifically but far, far too often artists seem to just ignore enable smooth scaling for their videos in flash. it makes them pixly when not viewed at 1:1 scale, something you rarely do.

>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)01:00  No.60843  B  P3R2
straight shota is always a godsend
>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)02:27  No.61339  C  P4R3
Shota is fucking trash and the people who like it should be shot in the back of the head and put into a mass grave.
>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)11:44  No.61354  D  P5R4
it's exactly the same as loli aka paedophilia
>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)18:54  No.61364  B  P6R5
Oh no. People like what I don't like. BETTER DISH OUT THOSE INSULTS TO LOOK COOL.
Seriously, shota is nearly always gay shota which is pure trash. There's tons of (straight) loli porn, but straight shota is 1/1000000.
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)12:40  No.61382  D  P7R6
straight, gay - doesn't matter, you're still into pedo shit
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)17:19  No.61391  B  P8R7
>straight, gay - doesn't matter
who's the sick fuck now, you gay ass motherfucker
>>Anonymous  2aug2018(th)02:12  No.61425  D  P9R8
it's still you, we're done here
>>Anonymous  2aug2018(th)05:04  No.61430  E  P10R9
>Damage control faggot trying to /thread himself
Holy fuck just go back to sucking cocks on Plebbit
>>Anonymous  2aug2018(th)19:16  No.61437  D  P11R10
>not damage control
i just don't feel like arguing with him cause he stupidly twisted my words like a child (and he also seems to think being a pedo > being straight or gay? wtf!?) I'm so tired of these justifications of their sickfuckery. always ends up being a real bizarre and deluded twist of logic.
>not moralfagging
what I'm saying is true. did i hit a sore spot kiddie diddler?
>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)20:53  No.61463  B  P12R11
>can't not have the last comment
>gets told by anon for being a moralfagging redditor
>lol u mad, pedo scum?
did i hit a sore spot fellow redditor?
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