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>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)02:34  No.60396  OP  P1
Only change to my knowledge is:
>Pull the breasts up during paizuri to have the girl suck the tip as well

It's a nice addition though.

Creambee - PPT V2.9.swf (4.68 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed. 19 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)04:35  No.60415  A  P2R1
how to got zelda?
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)05:21  No.60417  B  P3R2
I'll tell you how if you rephrase that question using proper grammar.
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)06:32  No.60420  C  P4R3
does anyone know when 3.0 is coming out?
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)07:19  No.60422  D  P5R4
Could someone, perchance, impart unto me the knowledge of how to change the character to Zelda since she is featured in one of thethumbnails?
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)10:26  No.60426  E  P6R5
she ain't out yet my dude
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)10:34  No.60427  F  P7R6
Strange. Dunno why she's in the thumbnail then. Clickbait?
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)11:07  No.60428  G  P8R7
Must be something with the screenshot generator. She's probably somewhere in the file, just highly incomplete, and therefore not accessible yet. She should be out with 3.0.
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)16:04  No.60432  H  P9R8
Wow, that's some stellar coincidence. She must be one of the first frames.
>>Anonymous  22jun2018(fr)08:31  No.60493  I  P10R9
Zelda is currently WIP. Bee basically only has the main static art done on 'them' (there's going to be 2 Zelda's: BoTW and Twilight Princess) and is now working on animating and coding them into the game when not working Summer Dreaming, KaiJuicy, and Love Beat Rhythm. in other words very early in implementation.
>>Anonymous  22jun2018(fr)08:31  No.60494  I  P11
Zelda is currently WIP. Bee basically only has the main static art done on 'them' (there's going to be 2 Zelda's: BoTW and Twilight Princess) and is now working on animating and coding them into the game when not working Summer Dreaming, KaiJuicy, and Love Beat Rhythm. in other words very early in implementation. There were also some problems with slight data loss
>>Anonymous  22jun2018(fr)08:32  No.60495  I  P12
Ignore the first post, I was fighting with the captcha
>>Anonymous  22jun2018(fr)20:00  No.60503  H  P13R10
Sure, not Creambee.
>>Anonymous  22jun2018(fr)21:24  No.60505  J  P14R11
Are any of those other games posted here? Summer Dreaming, KaiJuicy or Love Beat Rhythm, I mean.
>>Anonymous  23jun2018(sa)06:15  No.60512  K  P15R12
>>Anonymous  24jun2018(su)04:10  No.60521  L  P16R13
They'll probably use multiple files, so it's doubtful.
>>Anonymous  24jun2018(su)09:09  No.60523  OP  P17R14
Not only that, but I'm pretty sure PPT is Creambee's last flash project. They've moved on to Unity.
>>Anonymous  24jun2018(su)15:14  No.60527  H  P18R15
Feels batman...
>>Anonymous  24jun2018(su)18:21  No.60529  J  P19R16
is there a site like this for unity games?
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)08:29  No.60551  I  P20R17
I really am not Creambee, I just support them on Patreon, and he/she tells us what's going on each month-ish
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)09:07  No.60553  M  P21R18
I am also not creambee. Plz support my-er i mean creambee's patreon and donut all ur life savings.
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)10:40  No.60555  N  P22R19
Okay, I didn't find Zelda but I did discovered how to fuck a schizophrenic Ditto.

Step One Open the game with this site's seeker player. 0V2.9.swf.html

Step two, before pressing anything click the middle of the seeker bar towards the right.

Step three, fuck a schizophrenic Ditto.

>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)21:11  No.60563  H  P23R20
>>Shade Ignis  3jul2018(tu)07:37  No.60732  O  P24R21
I'm pledged for $5 a month, and I think it's worth it. Bee posts the games there 1st and you can even vote on what /who gets implemented next from time to time
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)08:10  No.60733  A  P25R22
that would be amazing if they add krystal in the game
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)10:07  No.60734  P  P26R23
Hm... including furies would help boost my I mean Creambee's funding...
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)07:27  No.60787  Q  P27R24
Paranoid conspiracy hunting intensifies
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)16:01  No.60796  R  P28R25
Daisy when?
>>Shade Ignis  6jul2018(fr)08:43  No.60811  S  P29R26
Zelda is being implemented right now, and the next addition will be put to a vote on Bee's Patreon after Zelda is fully implemented. So if you want a say in what Bee does next becoming a Patron would be your best bet, if that's something you're willing to do. You don't even have to pledge that much, $5 a month lets you vote on the polls Bee releases periodicly. Ultimately it's your money though, and it's really only up to you whether it's worth it or not.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)08:18  No.60890  OP  P30R27
Why namefag got different letters.
>>Shade Ignis  9jul2018(mo)08:50  No.60891  Q  P31R28
I would make a sarcastic quip of some kind, but my translator is having a hard time making your comment readable in a language I can understand, such as English
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)20:36  No.60904  H  P32R29
he's most likely IP hopping as the shady little hentai sentai that he is
>>Shade Ignis  10jul2018(tu)01:45  No.60912  Q  P33R30
Did you just assume my gender?
>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)20:48  No.60929  H  P34R31
No, because there are no girls on the internet.
>>Shade Ignis  11jul2018(we)08:33  No.60945  T  P35R32
Then I guess I don't exist then. Now, if you'll excuse me I have to fade away into nothing-ness because you made me realize my own non-existence. Toodles!
>>Anonymous  12jul2018(th)08:39  No.60957  OP  P36R33
>Only comeback is "lul speak English"
>>Anonymous  12jul2018(th)13:57  No.60958  L  P37R34
"There are no girls on the internet" means there's no men or women, only anonymous faggots. The only time that changes is when you post nudes to attention whore.
Being a """woman""" doesn't mean you need to talk like a flaming queer.
>>Shade Ignis  14jul2018(sa)04:48  No.60973  I  P38R35
I guess I did over-exaggerate a bit, I just think it would be funny if you could persuade someone that they can't or don't exist, then have them fade away, kinda like attempting to achieve Chim in Elder Scrolls lore... sort of...
>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)05:36  No.60974  U  P39R36
All right, all right stop feeding the trolls

And you, stop explaining the rules of engagement.

Go back to your corners, I want a clean fight.

>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)07:59  No.60977  V  P40R37
G.I.R.L = Guy In Real Life

the Internet...
where men are men
women are also men
and 10 year old Girls are FBI Agents

>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)08:19  No.60978  W  P41R38
Yep. This one's going in my cringe compilation.
>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)08:20  No.60979  W  P42
In fact, I think I'll just add this entire thread to my cringe comp.
>>???? ????  14jul2018(sa)18:20  No.60990  X  P43R39
Oh! Let me try: jpg
>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)01:46  No.61018  H  P44R40
Thanks, captain obvious. That was exactly what I was trying to remark.
Anon complained (joked) about the fact that I called him "him" as I do with all people on the internet.
The answer was rather hilarious though, he's a good Anon.

True equality right there, right? Right...?

>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)21:30  No.61035  J  P45R41
Is there a new version up yet?
>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)22:39  No.61036  V  P46R42
yes we are all equal... but some are more equal (Orwell's Animal Farm)
>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)03:31  No.61043  Y  P47R43
Not yet
>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)04:16  No.61045  Z  P48R44
why does this keep getting bumped///
>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)06:02  No.61047  Y  P49R45
So we can anticipate when the new version cums out
>>Shade Ignis  17jul2018(tu)08:50  No.61049  I  P50R46
The Zelda version is up on Bee's Patreon, so... soon
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