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>>Anonymous  7jun2018(th)18:11  No.60245  OP  P1
Boxing with Ko the Kangaroo.swf (189.1 KiB)
800x456, Compressed. 161 frames, 30 fps (00:05).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  7jun2018(th)21:06  No.60246  A  P2R1
wow.. one of the first porn games i played on Newgrounds... i feel old
>>Anonymous  7jun2018(th)22:42  No.60247  B  P3R2
Nice repost, faggot.
>>Anonymous  7jun2018(th)22:48  No.60249  C  P4R3
old but gold
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)16:25  No.60260  D  P5R4
no joke this game gave me a bottomless fetish cause her shorts come off before anything else
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)17:05  No.60262  E  P6R5
post more old gspanovich games like that one in the laboratory with a bat
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)22:38  No.60265  F  P7R6
Ho, the memories.
First porn game I played. No joke.
At the time I was like "Oh my god he took of her pant! Oh my god!"
And then I was frustrated because I couldn't pass round 2.
>>Anonymous  9jun2018(sa)14:52  No.60272  G  P8R7
Praising shitty furry games on swfchan? Has the rapture begun?
>>Anonymous  9jun2018(sa)20:35  No.60274  H  P9R8
On the main menu
Right >>>ClickForward
The reward isn't worth it
>>Anonymous  9jun2018(sa)23:25  No.60276  I  P10R9
this reminds me of the one where you have to fight off the sith furry

anyone got that one?

>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)02:12  No.60300  D  P11R10
he had an old dress up game, anyone know where to find that?
>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)07:26  No.60302  J  P12R11
>>Anonymous  22jun2018(fr)13:52  No.60501  K  P13R12

Never heard of those before. Were these never posted to Newgrounds?

>>Anonymous  12jul2018(th)19:27  No.60960  L  P14R13
Well, it took me far longer than I should have, but I did actually manage to figure out what the hell you were talking about.

There's an old site called Temple of Luna that hosted a bunch of Panovich's flashes. You can access it via Wayback Machine, but brickwall very quickly as you need a password to access it. So close. Yet so far.

>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)01:35  No.61014  M  P15R14
It was posted one day after Anon made that post.
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