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>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)00:32  No.60148  OP  P1

Flash exercises. I'm getting the hang of this

slimey.swf (33.1 KiB)
550x400, Compressed. 300 frames, 24 fps (00:12).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)02:22  No.60149  A  P2R1
budget minus8
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)02:35  No.60150  B  P3R2
hey, how did you learn how to do this? i cant find any tutorials on this kind of animation. i might just be looking in the wrong spot.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)06:06  No.60158  C  P4R3
Yeah, you are. It's a very clean loop, though, since you can see when the animation loops in the flash track bar on swfchan's flash viewer.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)22:49  No.60185  D  P5R4
bretty good
>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)08:12  No.60194  E  P6R5
I like it
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)03:32  No.61480  F  P7R6
can't remember if i saw this before or not but if not, you're already pretty good OP. you should make more. have you made more?
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)06:37  No.61486  G  P8R7
dont necro such an old thread you samefagging OP
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)08:03  No.61488  H  P9R8
The fourth of June is old?
Also, I missed this when it happened about... a month ago. Gotta look up more slime
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)10:42  No.61494  G  P10R9
>a month ago
>.....4th of July a month ago
go back to pre school
>>Anonymous  6aug2018(mo)01:43  No.61504  I  P11R10
You can be the new minus8 once he finally goes overboard and kills himself.
>>???? ????  6aug2018(mo)04:53  No.61506  J  P12R11
I don't think this person could replace him unless they had an alias.
>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)02:40  No.61520  F  P13R12
get a load of this guy
>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)01:59  No.61592  A  P14R13
Why dont YOU tell us OP?
>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)06:10  No.61593  K  P15R14
how do such dumb people find this website?
>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)07:20  No.61595  I  P16R15
Fuck off nigger.
>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)11:13  No.61598  F  P17R16
There is no reason to be upset.
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