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>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)18:47  No.60126  OP  P1
The things I do for this place.

Creambee - PPT V2.8.swf (4.17 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed. 19 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)19:35  No.60128  A  P2R1
Guy crying nigger hands will come after me, guaranteed
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)19:40  No.60129  OP  P3R2
I expect nothing less. If there's even a hint of black in your flash upload, you can be sure that an endless debate surrounding niggers will ensue.
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)19:44  No.60130  A  P4R3
Futa dicks? All Kosher!
Fucking a tranny? Kosher!
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)20:33  No.60134  B  P5R4
Why is the white dick being jerked off by a black hand, is there a third person I'm not seeing here? Is the PPT lore expanding?
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)20:33  No.60135  C  P6R5
When I find you in RL. Ima give you a kiss.
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)21:05  No.60138  D  P7R6
The titfucking could use some work
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)21:56  No.60143  OP  P8R7
It's being worked on. CB made a pretty long post with this explaining the difficulties with making the paizuri look good. I'm sure it'll be better once V3 is out.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)03:27  No.60151  E  P9R8
What's different about it? The WIP button?
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)05:25  No.60154  OP  P10R9
Paizuri when you remove the top completely.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)05:39  No.60155  OP  P11
Next version will most likely have the addition of BotW Zelda (because she won the poll), as well as more polish for the paizuri, and perhaps finally activating some of those WIP buttons since they were supposed to come before the addition of paizuri.
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)08:38  No.60166  F  P12R10
Nah, fuck that, too much work, we'll see about adding it in 3.0
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)11:26  No.60172  G  P13R11
How is this the same size as 2.6?
>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)10:40  No.60195  H  P14R12
I want Twilight princess Zelda fuck botw Zelda
>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)18:34  No.60199  I  P15R13
I hope the next one has only a black skin option
>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)19:54  No.60202  J  P16R14
There would be so much shitposting the servers would shut down.
>>Anonymous  6jun2018(we)08:24  No.60211  K  P17R15
Let the fun begin.
>>Anonymous  6jun2018(we)09:30  No.60215  L  P18R16
It's appreciated anon
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)23:53  No.60266  M  P19R17
I found (or remembered?) a bug..

If you click on the leaf (or mushroom) fast enough after targeting the pussy You can have her grow a dick and fuck her pussy..
Best way to get it consistently is click 'n drag to target. Then before releasing drag over to the leaf and click just after releasing.

With the mushroom the dick and balls graphically goes away.
With the leaf the balls go away on the right. auto-fellatio is broken in this state.

I'd request the fixing the broken auto-fellatio instead of the actual bug..

>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)09:33  No.60281  OP  P20R18
That's a pretty insane bug you've found there. I'm not sure how to report it without doing away with the aspect you like though. I feel like there's a chance it might all go away even if I word it in a roundabout kinda way that tries to skirt around why the issue happens to begin with. Might ultimately end up better to just request a version of the futa where the pussy doesn't get obscured by balls, but I dunno if that'd fly for a number of reasons.
>>Anonymous  13jun2018(we)19:01  No.60347  M  P21R19
Makes sense, it's there creation after all. Oddliy this brings this to mind:
>>Fire  14jun2018(th)04:50  No.60353  N  P22R20
Make it so you can play it on smart phones
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)16:50  No.60607  O  P23R21
>white dick
>hands are black
Doesn't get much gayer than this.
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