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>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)02:31  No.60078  OP  P1
Monster Mind 1.05.1 by argon_vile.swf (9.19 MiB)
768x432, Compressed. 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>578113  1jun2018(fr)17:56  No.60091  A  P2R1
What the changes?
>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)18:22  No.60095  OP  P3R2
more fixes and sheit
>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)07:41  No.60162  B  P4R3
Is this broken or something?
I'm just getting a dark room with those bug things, some glass platforms(?), a sign with an X on it, and a blacked out portrait of someone...

I've tried clicking on everything and nothing happens, I've pressed almost every button on my keyboard, nothing happens, I've even googled shit, and nothings popping up!

Did I bug it out with the standalone flash player maybe?

>>Anonymous  4jun2018(mo)20:51  No.60183  C  P5R4
Still as shit as ever.
>>Anonymous  6jun2018(we)10:54  No.60217  D  P6R5

>What are opinions

>>Anonymous  6jun2018(we)18:19  No.60221  E  P7

You got that right at least

>>Anonymous  9jun2018(sa)15:15  No.60273  F  P8R6
100% code

name quen
code cjreu4 clzri5 9sijge

>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)09:29  No.60304  G  P9R7
these are some of the worst puzzles ever, they hardly make sense in trying to solve them
>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)19:33  No.60309  H  P10R8
Ok would you all stop hatefucking this game and tell me where the fucking porn is.
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)03:05  No.60314  I  P11R9
It works fine with my build of Lightspark and even the last Projector binary, so it may be a you thing.
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)03:08  No.60315  I  P12
There's a bit of a curve but the puzzles are fun. Fun enough that I play it despite the fact that having sex with the Pokemon is kind of gross. The logic works fine regardless of scale, but I do admit it's kind of repetitive once you get the hang of it. But the curve is high enough that you can have a good enough time hiking it.
>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)08:11  No.60354  J  P13R10
Are you fucking real?
>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)12:20  No.60362  K  P14R11
brainlets like you belong in death camps
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)15:55  No.60866  H  P15R12
>>Anonymous  12aug2018(su)19:25  No.61681  L  P16R13
not him but if you're trying to do puzzles here you're a complete loser
>>Anonymous  13aug2018(mo)07:07  No.61698  M  P17R14
well one of the little monsters was just jerking off and came so there's that
>>Anonymous  13aug2018(mo)07:07  No.61699  M  P18
why isnt there an "add titties" option
>>Anonymous  13aug2018(mo)15:07  No.61703  N  P19R15
Furfags like you deserve to be gassed
>>Anonymous  13aug2018(mo)18:09  No.61705  O  P20R16
>like puzzles
>be furfag
>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)21:23  No.61843  D  P21R17

Some edgy /pol/tard tried gassing furfags at a con once and all that ever did was get normies to be sympathetic to them

You just can't win, buddy.

>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)23:55  No.61844  P  P22R18
Do you have a source for this or are you just making bullshit up? Besides, there are furries who are also sympathetic to /pol/-type stuff, the overt fetishization of Nazi uniforms aside.
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