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>>JS45  25may2018(fr)18:11  No.59957  OP  P1
Slut Quest

Quest for slut bussiness games

Slu-Quest_2.swf (2.71 MiB)
640x530, Compressed. 175 frames, 26 fps (00:07).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)19:26  No.59958  A  P2R1
>progressive cuck
>can't draw or animate
go figure
>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)20:28  No.59959  B  P3R2
looks like a shit
>>???? ????  26may2018(sa)19:16  No.59979  C  P4R3
What? Explain this term?
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)23:10  No.59980  D  P5R4
what the fuck does "progressive" have to do with fuck all here
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)08:03  No.59991  E  P6R5
>>???? ????  28may2018(mo)22:35  No.60020  C  P7R6
Me? Seriuosly I need a better explanation.
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)07:28  No.60027  F  P8R7
Aren't you on the internet? Use a search engine, nigger.
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)11:07  No.60028  G  P9R8
done almost everything in this game (except house for 16k or somewhat), pretty good
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)13:51  No.60032  H  P10R9
Ah another game from the guy who wants to be taken seriously and "improve" but buries his head and screeches at the first sign of any criticism.
>>Anonymous  30may2018(we)00:11  No.60047  I  P11R10
The search results said it is a sexual thing that has to do with animals.
Seems fitting for a flash like this.
>>Anonymous  2jun2018(sa)09:51  No.60120  J  P12R11
it's someone who gets cuckolded and, if it's a "progressive cuck", he is pathetic and okay with it because he's a beta. I'm pretty sure that's the meaning. Then again there's probably more, based on how pathetic the cuck is.
>>???? ????  3jun2018(su)21:16  No.60139  C  P13R12
Thanks :)
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