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>>???? ????  24may2018(th)04:26  No.59925  OP  P1

Here's a flash by WTDinner I found from 4plebs.
Also, this flash has some trouble working. So you might need to right click to get through the scenes.

jaiden_flash_anim.swf (94.5 KiB)
1280x1007, Compressed. 6 frames, 42 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>???? ????  24may2018(th)04:27  No.59926  OP  P2
Holy cow! I finally uploaded a working flash!
>>Anonymous  24may2018(th)05:23  No.59927  A  P3R1
>>Anonymous  24may2018(th)10:52  No.59930  B  P4R2
Ay that's pretty gooood
>>Anonymous  24may2018(th)18:27  No.59935  C  P5R3
This is fucking hot.
>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)07:57  No.59950  D  P6R4
Can you edit her to give her a penis please?
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)01:10  No.59962  E  P7R5
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)03:07  No.59963  F  P8R6


>>???? ????  26may2018(sa)19:16  No.59978  OP  P9R7
No I can't and if I could I probably wouldn't.
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)08:02  No.59990  D  P10R8
>Green texts instead...
>GTFO newfag!
why not?
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)17:48  No.59994  G  P11R9
Cause he's straight?
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)19:21  No.59998  H  P12R10
Damn, when's the full version coming
>>???? ????  27may2018(su)23:21  No.60001  OP  P13R11
You don't know if I''m a guy or girl. :P
I might not even be human.
>>Anonymous  28may2018(mo)01:27  No.60003  I  P14R12
That's a pretty gay answer, OP.
>>Anonymous  28may2018(mo)02:15  No.60005  J  P15R13
heyyyy I'm fine with either one of those ;)
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)23:45  No.60041  K  P16R14
it's the number followed by No., not the post counter
seriously, just check literally every other reply here, before typing your own

So far I've discovered 1 scene with cum, 1 without and 2 stills that are likely not finished.

>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)21:15  No.60107  L  P17R15
i feel semi retarded but can't find anything but the handjob and completion. what am i missing
>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)23:05  No.60110  M  P18R16
It looks like you can force ahead with Right Click > Play
>>Anonymous  2jun2018(sa)05:05  No.60115  N  P19R17
Please no furry shit
>>Anonymous  2jun2018(sa)07:16  No.60118  O  P20R18
It would be hotter if the guy on the right was labelled as her boyfriend.
>>781021  2jun2018(sa)14:12  No.60121  P  P21R19
>>Anonymous  7jun2018(th)05:29  No.60241  Q  P22R20
Humans spotted initiating conversation subroutine.

>I might not even be human.
GTFO faggot

>It would be hotter if the guy on the right was labelled as her boyfriend.
That's gay as hell cuck.

>>???? ????  7jun2018(th)22:48  No.60248  OP  P23R21
I'm not a furry
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)16:26  No.60261  D  P24R22
Plz I really want her to have a penis please!
>>Anonymous  9jun2018(sa)22:55  No.60275  R  P25R23
I want to see this be completed, really wish there was a way to know how it's progressing but the /aco/ Jaiden threads get infected by diaperfags thus killing them which is why there aren't gonna be Jaiden threads anymore.
>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)16:35  No.60290  K  P26R24
What's gay about a cuck?
Sure if you personally WANT to be one I kinda would understand the gayness.
But what about labeling the guy on the right anything makes this gay in some way?
Is cuck=gay permanently carved into your brain already?
>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)19:25  No.60293  S  P27R25

What if I want to be the guy who cheats?
There is nothing more exciting than fucking someone's else girl.

>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)22:00  No.60294  T  P28R26
Only fucking your own
>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)07:21  No.60301  U  P29R27
>>Anonymous  7jul2018(sa)15:45  No.60833  V  P30
> Is cuck=gay permanently carved into your brain already?
>>DinDin  5aug2018(su)05:42  No.61485  W  P31R28
Hello. I made this. I'm not working on it rn. Just wanted to do something special for my /aco/mrads.
In case you were wondering if I was still working on it or not. Who knows, maybe some other time.
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)13:06  No.61497  X  P32R29
>>Anonymous  7sep2018(fr)23:19  No.62329  Y  P33R30
We don't look kindly upon talent here. I suggest you go whence you came from
>>Anonymous  8sep2018(sa)08:40  No.62341  Z  P34R31
Are you that guy who got butthurt about nobody praising that PurpleMantis animation you uploaded?
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