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>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)23:49  No.59664  OP  P1
669443_finalextacy14.swf (5 MiB)
800x800, Compressed. 1163 frames, 32 fps (00:36).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>???? ????  12may2018(sa)23:53  No.59666  A  P2R1
I have never play Final Fantasy
>>Anonymous  13may2018(su)02:36  No.59671  B  P3R2
Well, it's an mmo like XI, so it has little to do with it. XIV sucks balls like XIII. The last one was really XII.
>>Anonymous  13may2018(su)06:36  No.59673  C  P4R3
>XIV Sucks balls


>MALE Lalafells

Brainlet detected, do not reply to brainlets, do not reply to brainlet posts

>>Anonymous  13may2018(su)16:44  No.59679  B  P5R4
shit nigger, I wanted to say XV (15), the latest one
fucking roman numerals at 3am
also: please don't memespace, it wastes so much precious screen area
>>???? ????  13may2018(su)19:31  No.59681  A  P6R5
Which game would be a good starting point?
>>Anonymous  13may2018(su)20:31  No.59682  D  P7R6
stay away or you will catch the gay!
>>Anonymous  14may2018(mo)09:37  No.59689  E  P8R7
If you have to play some old jRPGs, play Chrono Trigger instead
>>Anonymous  14may2018(mo)11:14  No.59690  F  P9R8
old school wise 4 and 6 are amazing. Every one knows about 7. 8 is kinda of a hate or love game and 9 is a return to old school.
>>Anonymous  15may2018(tu)22:35  No.59734  B  P10R9
Chrono Trigger is good, but kinda overrated.
I'd recommend Tales of Phantasia for a snes rpg.

Definitely one of the snes ones, (japanese) 4 or 5, I'd say.
And play Breath of Fire 1+2 as well, since you're at it!
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