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>>Anonymous  10may2018(th)07:10  No.59595  OP  P1

Dune game

39bc43292eb6fc856f694e6e721a8f22207720c7165f51f9906...swf (7.16 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 72 frames, 16 fps (00:04).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  10may2018(th)11:53  No.59596  A  P2R1
Is this a new version or just a re-post for funsies?
>>Anonymous  10may2018(th)15:46  No.59614  B  P3R2
Good upload but Christ, rename your flash files properly. This auto-generated hash filename won't help anybody find the flash in the archive in a couple of years. It would have taken less than 10 seconds to rename the file "Behind the Dune (April 2018 update).swf" before uploading it. I'll make myself useful and do it on /f/ but please think about it in the future.

It says "2018, April" on the start screen. Four remade things and three new things.

>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)03:36  No.59648  C  P4R3
"Hidden knife in sand hut"


>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)06:09  No.59650  D  P5R4
after the harkonnen attack, you find a knife in one of the sietch with water
>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)15:16  No.59654  E  P6R5
the titfuck is pretty bad, why not at least give the option to remove her top?
>>Anonymous  15may2018(tu)19:15  No.59728  F  P7R6
what is the name of the author? or Where I can find their other games?
>>Anonymous  15may2018(tu)20:30  No.59729  G  P8R7
His name is David Goujard. You probably haven't seen him around because he does most of his work through patreon.

>>Anonymous  16may2018(we)00:51  No.59747  H  P9R8
bah, this french assole didin't even put fuck in the pussy scenes except for the flower girl
i would bang all the femen in their fremen with my freddem

funny game anyway...

>>Anonymous  16may2018(we)18:37  No.59759  F  P10R9
Thanks dude
>>Anonymous  18may2018(fr)13:52  No.59789  H  P11R10
why don't put this in there?
it seems to be the complete game
>>Anonymous  18may2018(fr)16:46  No.59794  I  P12R11

that's original game that ended at 1.14 or something like that, the creator decided to work on same game again that is what this is version 2

there is update every month

>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)16:25  No.59956  J  P13R12
they removed the smuggler sex scene!? aw that was some of the best stuff.
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)00:18  No.59981  K  P14R13
anyone know how to get CheatEngine to work with this flash?
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