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>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)00:49  No.58697  OP  P1
From the description on RC's site
"Since the Lollo flash is so delayed, here's a somewhat finished version of Zara's scene in my upcoming farm project. As you can see, it's the old April's Fools flash, but with a new paint and some added features! Most importantly, she doesn't look ugly as sin anymore.

Anyway, this isn't the finished version. There's a few bugs in there, some timing issues and a few other things that can be improved once I come back to it. Sound effects are missing, as well as other features, the menues will not look like this in the final version. Keep this in mind. Otherwise, it's playable!"

Zara Scene Beta Release.swf (5.06 MiB)
1600x900, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>???? ????  10apr2018(tu)04:18  No.58702  A  P2R1
She no longer has that tender tummy. So, no need for the ambulance.
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)04:27  No.58703  B  P3R2
Is she Majin Buu's lil' sister? This doesn't look healthy.
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)04:54  No.58705  C  P4R3
What the fuck is a ribcage?
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)05:10  No.58708  D  P5R4
Great to see he is still doing flashes! Backdrop is good, face is good, expansion is good and voice is good. Much improvement. I like that you're taken straight to the action too, with no loader or intro. Probably won't be like that when finished... That little glitch of the tail during the idle animation when the dick is not inside her needs to be smoothed over. Music doesn't loop seamlessly either. Wonder where he finds these nice voice actresses? Not the first time I hear him using custom made voices by girls that obviously knows where they will be used.
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)05:47  No.58709  E  P6R5
>no vaginal
Why doesn't RC just make the gay porn he clearly wants to make
>>Rock Candy  10apr2018(tu)11:41  No.58720  F  P7R6
Wait, what is that tail glitch? I've not noticed anything wrong with it.
Also it's weird that you say the music doesn't loop seamlessly, because it should. I've listened to it many times.

This voiceactress in particular came to me on newgrounds about a year ago. She called herself Ahri 6 or something.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)16:24  No.58725  G  P8R7
jell o
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)16:48  No.58726  H  P9R8
Vaginal is gay. A true man likes anus.
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)22:37  No.58794  D  P10R9
Zoom in on the top of the tail and you'll see it glitch in and out from one position much faster on one frame than the other. If the frame had the same length it might not be called a glitch since the position looks like a continuation of the tails movement but right now it's a glitch. I guess some people would call the music seamless but I can clearly hear where it repeats. The remains of the instruments (echo/reverb) cuts out and the song starts over. Note that there's two places that uses the intro part of the song, the first one might trick people that it repeats seamlessly.

Keep it up my man!

>>Anonymous  12apr2018(th)06:06  No.58816  I  P11R10
Anal is for conquering men and proving them to be gay for taking dick. This is clearly a gay flash.
>>---  12apr2018(th)12:41  No.58822  J  P12R11

stupid anal shit

>>Rock Candy  13apr2018(fr)00:39  No.58852  F  P13R12
That's not really a glitch, that's just how tweens work when repositioning objects. Subtle movements like these are more noticeable than those that move further.

As for the song, it's specifically made for this flash. So it's a mistake of the creator in this case. He was going to release a full version at some point.

>>Rock Candy  13apr2018(fr)00:39  No.58853  F  P14
That is not a glitch. That's just how flash moves objects with tweens. If something moves very slowly over small distances, you get small "jumps" like that.

As for the music, yeah, I suppose it is somewhat noticeable. But I don't think it's super distracting. I didn't create the loop myself; the musician did. There's going to be a full release of the song at some point, there's even an intro created for it, but I didn't include it in this beta.

>>Anonymous  13apr2018(fr)01:13  No.58856  D  P15R13
It's your job to overcome the limitations and remove the glitch (because it is still a glitch). Either you can tweak the rotation tween so that it doesn't enter that last state or you can rotate using ActionScript, which opens up much more smooth rotations. I don't really mind that much about the tail glitch or music cut and I appreciate your work regardless, can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes so I felt like I had to mention it. I usually take the AS route myself to get rid of these tween glitches in my own stuff.

Fixing the tween rotation flaws when using the editor is just one thing that Adobe has failed to accomplish since they took over flash. Should have been done a long time ago since it's so obvious in a ton of animations and can't have required too much work. I think the problem is just that tween rotations on the timeline is limited to integers, which is why your tail briefly snaps into position like that and produces a visual glitch. In AS the rotations aren't rounded to integers so that's why non-tween rotations can be super smooth.

>>Rock Candy  13apr2018(fr)02:08  No.58858  F  P16R14
Ye, I'll still look into it, if I remember when it comes to finishing it up.

As for actionscript... I can't code. At all. Hence why I need Mittsies or help from others who know AS to finish up my projects.

I'm beginning to think I should stick to movie-formats instead of game stuff to make the whole process a lot easier for myself.

>>Anonymous  13apr2018(fr)02:23  No.58860  K  P17R15

But using video files increase the filesize and decrease quality. Animations based on vectors had less filesize and can reescalate to any resolution with more quality

>>Anonymous  13apr2018(fr)02:29  No.58861  D  P18R16
Please don't leave the flash community. Always release the swf file, movie porn is below flash. There's no interaction, no loops, no randomization. Just huge file sizes, poor frame rate and low resolution.

Speaking of frame rate, you should increase your flash to 120 FPS or at least 60. It doesn't increase the file size and modern computers should have no problem to playback it, just increase the number of frames between your key frames and you're done.

If you're worried about slowdowns you could even enable frameskip for older computers by adding a layer of streaming audio (silence), though it might add small delay during loops. Though maybe not if the streaming audio ends before the final frame before it loops on the timeline, can't remember if the delay is still there if the streaming audio has ended. Adding an empty keyframe right before the loop should solve that.

You should definitely try at least 48 fps, on the timeline you just select from a keyframe to the very last non-keyframe right before the next keyframe and then press F5 to insert frames. Repeat for the next keyframe. Finally increase stage framerate to 48 and the tweens should look much smoother (this helps mask the problem with rotation tweens as well). Press F5 twice and you can increase the framerate to 24*3 = 72 fps.

>>Anonymous  13apr2018(fr)08:12  No.58871  L  P19R17
Yo, RC! Great stuff as usual. Wanted to point out a little glitch as well. When the belly still isn't inflated, and you go from Fast & Deep to slow, there is a clear visual bug on the "sphincter" if you will. No biggie, just thought you'd like to know. Keep it up, man!
>>Rock Candy  14apr2018(sa)04:18  No.58877  F  P20R18
I didn't mean like that. I meant doing flashes with more scenes but less options, as opposed to one scene with many options. Doing game like stuff is very limiting, since you gotta keep the continuity up with a lot of the same assets.

Like I said, I'm not going to stop using flash. I might have to upgrade to CS6 or something instead of CS3, but I don't look forward to it.

You do realize that there's not just only tweens in there, ya? Cumshots, lipsyncing and other various animations are done frame by frame. If I do what you suggest, you'd get smooth tweens and laggy animations together. Not to mention, I edit many of the tweened movements, so it's not going to look smooth anyway. It'll just result in a lot of jankyness and I don't think sitting there mashing F5 for a week will be much fun for me. It's not a set time line with animations either, there's animations within movieclips within movieclips within movieclips, making things even further tedious.

And even if I did all that it'd just be a higher framerate with a lot of inbetweens, so... Wouldn't it still look like 24 fps anyway?
Unless I really misunderstand what you're asking for here, this seems very pointless.

Yeah, I know about that one. Thanks anyway, it's always good that people point things out.

>>Anonymous  14apr2018(sa)06:19  No.58878  D  P21R19
>Wouldn't it still look like 24 fps anyway?
Every tween would look better since there are more frames between the keyframes for flash to reposition stuff.

>It'll just result in a lot of jankyness
There's nothing to lose, when you don't use tweens (just single keyframes that aren't part of a tween) it will look just like it does now with 24 fps (no jankyness).

It's ok if you don't bother, just something to think about for future projects. First thing you do is set stage fps to 120 (or at least 60) and you're set. It also gives you some increased flexibility in where you put keyframes, with more frames per second you can have keyframes between keyframes that wouldn't be possible at 24 fps. This is just some friendly advice, I'm happy for your flashes either way!

>>Rock Candy  14apr2018(sa)12:09  No.58881  F  P22R20
I'm aware. But it'll just be a hassle to work with. Besides, I'm used to working with 24 fps now, switching throws off timing and what not.

Another problem is using those shape tweens. They're extremely fragile, and I usually have to edit each frame because they break or make something unexpected. If I was to make the belly jiggle like in this flash in 120 frames, I would die before finishing it.

>>Anonymous  14apr2018(sa)22:33  No.58889  M  P23R21
Instantly thought to myself "This is an old flash isn't it?" but it says so in the description that it's just a remake.

I guess now it's both anal and a titfuck at the same time, talk about a bulge, but seriously that new stomach looks a bit ridiculous.
Still nails it on the cum part though, that makes it get a pass in my book. Great voicework on the cum gargling. But shame the old joke wasn't implemented any more. I liked that slowly growing worse over time facial expressions and the bad end. Just 2 different expressions anymore I think and the voices don't really change from what I've seen.

Good one regardless. Mucho appriciato. Handdrawn animation with lip syncing gets my boner raging.

>>Rock Candy  15apr2018(su)18:04  No.58914  F  P24R22
The main reason of the changes is a difference in context, when everything is done, it'll be more apparent why.
There's always going to be people who either like or dislike the changes, but I'm just satisfied with the new art, I can't stand looking at the old one, hoahoa.

Glad you enjoy it for what it is!

>>Anonymous  15apr2018(su)20:52  No.58915  N  P25R23
where's the april fools version?
>>Anonymous  16apr2018(mo)00:28  No.58918  C  P26R24
Is she made of rubber?
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