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>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)14:58  No.58435  OP  P1
PlunderPropaganda.swf (5.06 MiB)
480x360, Uncompressed. 1209 frames, 25 fps (00:48).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)16:53  No.58441  A  P2R1
Looking back at the original spot, they really made good work to deceive people into believing that copying a file from the internet even remotely resembles stealing anything irl. Especially from a legal standpoint. It's more akin to bad business or ruining someone's profit, but stealing implies that you take something from someone who then doesn't have it any longer. I.e. food, so that person could starve.
Intellectual property will eventually be the downfall of all creativity. Ironic, seeing as it was originally invented to preserve it.
>>Anonymous  12apr2018(th)20:15  No.58836  OP  P3R2
Piracy and online streaming of movies etc is extremely beneficial for humanity.

Poor people have access to stuff for free and it hurts nobody to copy a couple of bytes. So the life quality of these poor people improves, which reduces the risk of them going out into the world and do real harm in order to improve their life quality.

>>Anonymous  12apr2018(th)20:25  No.58838  OP  P4
Should clarify that I don't approve of online streaming where the stream providers gain a lot of money money from ads. It's not fair to the creators of the material that somebody else is raking in lots of money from their work and there's no telling what other activity is funded from that money.

So I mainly meant online streaming of movies etc from torrents or places that doesn't earn money from you watching the stream. The absolute largest illegal streaming sites (with ads) are very likely to be controlled by people that also deal in other actually harmful crimes. Worth keeping in mind.

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