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>>???? ????  25mar2018(su)01:44  No.58187  OP  P1
I'm I able to upload swf game with multiple parts

I've found out a swf I'm trying to upload needs other files to run.
Is there a way to upload the swf with the files?

>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)04:15  No.58190  A  P2R1

At the moment, no. To do that, is neccesary a game folder what contains the whole game files. swfchan creates a folder per file.

If you want to share a game with multiple swf files, compress the container folder to a zip or rar file then upload to zippyshare or similar and share the link here

>>???? ????  25mar2018(su)05:55  No.58195  OP  P3R2
Thanks :)
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)08:17  No.58199  B  P4R3
Well if they're all swf files you could upload them all, it would just be annoying to find just one of the parts in the archive. It's best to try and combine them all together before posting them to swfchan. If that's somehow impossible for you try what A suggested and upload somewhere else for someone to try and combine.

I think OP means that the game they found requires non swf files to run.

>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)09:53  No.58202  C  P5R4
probably not, I know of no swf that require other file types
but there are a lot of swf that are multi-swf files
there's been no way to combine them without much effort yet, unfortunately
though some people plan on making one, it would be a very useful tool
>>???? ????  25mar2018(su)21:21  No.58213  OP  P6R5
Here's a picture of the swf folder I was trying to upload.

For now I'll put it through a download link.

>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)21:42  No.58214  A  P7R6
>>58199 >>58202

No, he means games like mnf ggg (geek girl gwen) what uses a loader swf file and swf files without extension as shapes or screens in a folder. Isn't possible to merge in one single file because uses an actionscript code to call files in the same root folder to run the game.

>>???? ????  26mar2018(mo)05:46  No.58220  OP  P8R7
So, there isn't a way to merge them
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)11:57  No.58228  C  P9R8
welp, consider me diddled
I never touched a raw M&F, looks like such things actually exist...
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