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>>Anonymous  21feb2018(we)09:31  No.57222  OP  P1

suggest features for swfchan even if they're unreasonable

1. add a button or something that checks if a flash you are viewing the archive is part of a visible collection
2. assuming that the flashes are scanned/decompiled when firstspotted, download any flashes that load through a Loader object or are fully hyperlinked
3. data dump: allow other people to download chunks of the database so they can scan it for metadata if they so desire.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  21feb2018(we)23:55  No.57235  SWF  P2R1
Just implemented a variation of 1 for the page with the GET FILE button: Flashes that are collected now have links on display to the collections that they are featured in. (These links are located below the [ COLLECT ] link.) Thanks for the idea! This might give a boost for new people to start collecting or at least increase usage of already existing collections.

2 and 3 would take a lot more work to implement so I'll put that on the shelf for now. To be honest it's probably not going to happen, maybe a lite version of 2 that simply let people know that there's code in the flash that tries to load other flashes however I won't put in any auto-downloader because it opens up possible ways to easily flood the site with spam swfs. It's probably very rare anyway for flashes to have absolute URLs that they try to load instead of just load relative filenames.

Once upon a time I had plans for a kind-of version of 3 in the way of .org's search engine: It would have indexed all the info pages of the flashes to make ActionScript, metadata and things such as MovieClip names searchable. That would have completed the search capabilities of swfchan since all three domains would have had one unique search engine each. .com for names/sizes, .net for wikis (threads) and .org for content inside the swf itself.

Alas the way things are it will probably never come to pass. At least I still have hopes of finally adding AS3 support to the info pages. Someday... Btw these "wiki" pages that now only list threads were initially supposed to work like editable wikis where people could add information about the flash for easy lookup on who created it or what music is in it, plus any other trivia. It's another thing that probably will never be implemented on my list of stuff that would be cool to have. Info about a flash can at least always be added by mentioning it in a thread but that doesn't encourage people to do it as much, nor does such info get neatly organized for display as it would on a proper wiki page. Saves a lot of potential moderation work tho.

>>Anonymous  22feb2018(th)03:49  No.57241  OP  P3R2
Cool! you're always so quick about adding features that are easy to add, thank you. Some websites (4chan as one example) almost never add features or upgrades that would make them objectively better.

I can understand why you wouldn't want to do 2 since it might again result in spam attacks and I guess figuring out the full url from a relative link would cost too much cpu time. The indicator is a good compromise.

For 3, that's a lot of work to do, especially if many of the flashes need to be redone again for the as3. I'm sure there's also a bunch of other housecleaning that could be tacked on if you're going to do a full look through all of the flashes if it ever happens.

I can think of one more feature I though of (besides the other collections specific ones that should be in which might not be too difficult to implement: make the search engine consider flashes that aren't in any category to be in the uncategorized category.

>>Anonymous  22feb2018(th)05:41  No.57242  B  P4R3
Give users the ability to upload enough files to make a multi-file flash work. Maybe the submission page lets you pick which file is the "launcher," or the one that loads the other files, and the rest of them are kept in the same directory. In example, say PPPUUUU gets uploaded and a shitload of character/animation set swfs get uploaded with it. The site loads the PPPUUUU file, then the primary file is in the same location as the other files, so they get loaded in too.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22feb2018(th)06:28  No.57244  SWF  P5R4
>make the search engine consider flashes that aren't in any category to be in the uncategorized category
Do you mean that you want to be able to enter "uncategorized" in the "Categories" and "Not in cats" fields on the .com search engine? Or just that it should say "Uncategorized." in the list of results instead of not saying anything at all as it is right now?

I've thought about ways of making it possible before and what you're describing is the easiest one. However then it works on .org and not when the flash (and sub-flashes) enters the archive. Of course it is possible to also rewrite how the archive handles flashes to make it able to support multi-swf flashes. Problem is it would take a lot of time to do all of this. I've come to realize that time is something there's too little of in this world... Besides I don't really want to support the idea of "it's OK to make multi-swf flashes", personally I really dislike the concept of non-standalone swfs.

Guess that may sound weird coming from me, it's just that single swfs are so great for spreading all over the web. I've actually tried to make a program that auto-combines several swf files into one single master swf but so far I've not been successful. I'd very much prefer to archive multi-swfs that way, by merging them into a single large flash file. Easy to spread, easy to store.

>>Anonymous  22feb2018(th)08:20  No.57245  OP  P6R5
The former I meant. I thought you might simply have them classified this way already since there's a "pull uncategorized flash" button on the random page.
As for the multi-swf, there's some websites made as multi-flashes and it would be important to preserve them in the way they're built. Now that you can see what collections swfs are in it's possible to keep all the parts of a multi-swf together and any composite forms from its parts.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22feb2018(th)21:45  No.57250  SWF  P7R6
It's now possible to use the keyword "uncategorized" in the two relevant fields in the search engine.
>>Anonymous  23feb2018(fr)18:04  No.57278  C  P8R7
I can only support the ideas of searchable metadata and a program that can combine multi-swfs. Both of those would be tremendous new features.
Until then, keep up the good work Ants. Don't lose hope in the future 2020+.
>>Anonymous  23may2018(we)01:36  No.59888  C  P9
Came across another "invalid" swf that I uploaded. It worked, but as the error message tells the system won't allow it.

There are, nonetheless, two things wrong with the message, so I thought I'd let admin know:
>Although some invalid flash files plays fine (and may appear to be valid) the system is strict on only allowing truly proper flash files to be uploaded in order to avoid (and discourage) spreading broken ones.
>If you think the flash file might be repairable you can start a thread about it on /fla/ if you want to.

Firstly, I believe that "some invalid flash files plays fine" should be "some invalid flash files play fine".
And secondly there isn't any /fla/, or at least not any longer.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23may2018(we)02:57  No.59899  SWF  P10R8
Open the .swf file in Notepad (make sure the encoding is ANSI), if it starts with ZWS instead of the usual CWS or FWS it means the flash is compressed with the LZMA compression algorithm, swfchan still only supports Deflate (CWS) or uncompressed (FWS) swf files. Sounds bad but it's so rare that I just haven't bothered, maybe something like 1 in 50k flashes use ZWS. The site's main archive system --not including uploads on still sets aside flashes that it encounters in unrecognizable formats to be processed later. Adobe broke a lot of compatibility when they introduced it with flash v11 back in 2011. Most of the time it doesn't even save 5% of the file size compared to Deflate.

If you do have a ZWS flash and want it on swfchan right this moment you can use tools to decompress it and recompress it into a CWS file, or leave it as uncompressed FWS if it isn't too big. It won't change the content of the flash itself. JPEXS supports decompressing ZWS flashes.

If you don't have a ZWS flash, sorry, I shouldn't have made the system so strict. Can't be sure if there's a false positive bug in there too. Problem is I wrote a little program to extract all the info from a flash file, such as dimensions, meta data etc and it also validates the flash. So I can't simply turn off the validation all together without losing info extraction, I'd have to re-write some stuff. I'd still want some kind of validation afterwards too so that broken files can't be uploaded intentionally.

You can always try uploading the flash to /f/ or if that's not possible you can try hot-linking to the swf from a thread on /f/ and swfchan's spider might pick it up. I've updated the error message here on swfchan to suggest 4chan's /f/ as an alternative and I've removed that bit about posting on /fla/.

>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)22:52  No.59960  C  P11R9
No biggie. I think I deleted the file already, so I can't decompress it. It was some patreon WIP [H] smut game, so nothing of value has been lost.
I only ever witnessed two of those flashes anyway.
The other one being Deadly Rooms of Death official release for some reason.
I tried posting it on /f/ too, but it said "unrecognized file format" there as well.
It would be great to know any swf hosting site that allows these and still gets scanned by swfchan.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)00:17  No.60884  C  P12
Just thought that maybe it would be a good idea to add .sol files to the allowed attachment filetypes?
Those are very flash related and you would need to upload to external hosts if you wanted to share a save.
This way, a save file could get archived with its swf.
I don't know how much of a potential danger it would be regarding malicious code.
>>Anonymous  30sep2018(su)05:57  No.63798  D  P13R10
Ideas Remove the Captcha please & a way to slow down & speed up swfs that have no audio. Another idea is to create a site that can play animation gifs in the middle of the screen.
>>Anonymous  1oct2018(mo)13:02  No.63824  E  P14R11
1. I'd like to upload .swfs without making a thread where people talk about it.
2. I'd like a list of all sites this site scrapes.
>>Anonymous  3oct2018(we)23:00  No.63875  C  P15R12
1. Seeing as .org was implemented as a way to upload files to the archive directly, I doubt there will be any other way to do so. Why do you care if people can talk about it or not? Just ignore them. Someone's gonna post it on /f/ anyway and that thread will appear under the file, so that's a rather meaningless demand.

2. Idk if there is an actual list, or at least Admin doesn't want to make it public. You can always request a domain to be added and SWFAnts will consider it.

>>Anonymous  4oct2018(th)01:20  No.63885  D  P16R13
>>63824 The list that you said this site scrapes are I think the names that look like this [FURRY] might have came from a site called flashchan which stopped a few years back.
>>w7 890  6oct2018(sa)11:39  No.63928  F  P17R14
as far as i know

1. its possible there probably is a way to do it but idk how
i saw that one swf has that been seen many times
but only has a few threads
2. admin probably keeps it hidden

>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)07:09  No.63957  C  P18R15
Files with no threads or less threads than spots are when files get scraped automatically from sites that feature no threads (like a flash games website).
I've seen the scraper take file uploads too. Only when the file is hotlinked as swf in a thread, but it happens.
>>Anonymous  8oct2018(mo)05:29  No.63973  G  P19R16
I'd be wary of relying on the hotlinking. I once hotlinked a bunch of flashes but for some reason swchan couldn't connect to that domain and I had to upload them manually anyway.
>>w7 890  8oct2018(mo)12:09  No.63983  H  P20R17
thx both
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9oct2018(tu)08:18  No.63993  SWF  P21R18
The reason people can't upload swfs in bulk is because it opens up for an easy way to flood the archive with either a bunch of swfs that are just meant to be spam or a bunch of swfs that aren't self-contained and relies on other swfs. If you do have a ton of self-contained swfs that you know isn't archived and that you want to add to the archive you could upload a zip to and I'll have a look.

There are only two official places right now and that's here on and I've had many more throughout the years but either they have become inactive or they have become much more diligent at preventing spiders from crawling their pages so I can't archive them efficiently anymore.

I still do occasional mass-downloads manually and put the swfs into the archive however never assume that a swf is getting archived automatically nowadays -- if any of you come across a great flash somewhere do us all a favor and upload it here on the board!

swfchan especially need help with popular community sites where artists usually publish their content. They have just become too efficient at blocking bots. Note that there's currently a backlog of older swfs that are being published in the archive, a little every day to not flood the front page, so it may appear like auto-downloading of swfs from for example DeviantArt is still working but they stepped up their bot blocking a couple of months ago so this backlog will drain eventually.

>>w7 890  17oct2018(we)11:03  No.64120  I  P22R19

dark theme

>>Anonymous  23oct2018(tu)08:47  No.64225  G  P23R20
On dark themes in general, I don't see them becoming built in by developers on core applications any time soon. On my android phone for example, most of the default apps are blinding white with black text (gmail, calendar etc) and even many non-core ones don't change especially after material design became popular. For my phone I've taken to simply using the color inversion located in android's accessibility settings. That way all of the default super bright light themes are quite nice.

Now for a browser you've got a few options:
a userscript that messes with the css on a per site basis
a theme manager with a per site basis like Stylish
an extension that just inverts a page's colors on per site basis or hotkey
some combination of any of the above like Blank Your Monitor
SWFAnts might do this right away if it's simple but I'm not too sure since he said some of the site is a mess in the back.

>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)05:37  No.64344  J  P24R21
a little bump here hehe

the ability to upload flv fla sol as svg files
also how do i scrape html5 games
and where 2 upload them

>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)05:47  No.64345  J  P25
another tiny bump

1. secureSWF and mochicrypt unpacking service
2. a way to upload .unity3d files
3. add malware category
4. a way for me to see where the swf downloads its assets
5. firewall - allow me to block the swf from accessing certain sites
6. spoofer - tricks the swf into thinking its hosted on another site
(useful for bypassing sitelocks)

swfchan desktop client
also antz can we have sandbox source code plz (for science)

>>w7 890  28oct2018(su)05:50  No.64346  J  P26
7. a way to monitor the encryption/decryption activity of swf

sorry 4 the long list Antz

>>retarded anon  28oct2018(su)06:37  No.64352  K  P27R22
boop bump

that's a really good idea

>>Anonymous  29oct2018(mo)13:59  No.64435  C  P28R23
>upload .sol files
Has little to do with SWF I'm afraid. I don't think and I wouldn't necessarily want swfchan to become a html5 place.
There have been excessive threads about that.

>malware category
Hmm, not so sure about that. It seems reasonable at first, but it would be very prone to false claims. And then admin would have to manually remove every false tag himself. I'm not so confident in people being able to determine that, most would probably not even notice actual malware. People should rather determine for themselves if a flash is "secure". Swfchan provides cutting communication for files, and with a little common sense and peeking into the number and posts of archived threads it's not hard to determine which swfs are worth opening and which are just malware trash.
I don't know if it's the same you meant, but as stated above, if you use the embed player on .com, option B provides disabling communication with external servers.
I mean, it could be a cool idea and a hotfix for sitelocks. Like a box opening and asking: "Simulate hosting the swf on this domain:" and people in the thread would recomment to put whatever.domain in there.
BUT people would still have to dig into the swf to see which site it's sitelocked to (unless it tells directly on the screen), so I'd rather people put in the extra effort and fire up a de/recompiler and remove the sitelock alltogether, like in the past. Having a sitelock free file in the archive is the better option in every regard. If you're a clever girl, you might even do that without posting the original locked version in the first place.
>swfchan desktop client
Yeaaaah, not very likely, but I'm not Admin, so I have no right to crush your dreams. I guess he did say:
>even if they're unreasonable

>>w7 890  29oct2018(mo)17:25  No.64442  L  P29R24

thx boi

>>w7 890  29oct2018(mo)18:22  No.64444  L  P30

i think swfchan should be named
the ultimate /F/ board
also mind if i drop the F bomb

>>Anonymous  30oct2018(tu)01:15  No.64453  G  P31R25
>I guess he did say
Just pointing out that the OP (me) is not SWFAnts which from your sentence was sort of implied.

>7. a way to monitor the encryption/decryption activity of swf
That sounds like a lot of work to make. Also are you talking about compression, which is how the assets are made smaller in filesize or some other thing to do with ActionScript?

>>not-a-namefag-w7 890  30oct2018(tu)08:55  No.64459  M  P32R26
help plz

how do i rip webgl and html5 content

>>w7 890  30oct2018(tu)13:42  No.64466  M  P33
plz antz

also how do i upload zip 7z tar gz xz bz2 files
also increase file size limit plz
some anons have large files coming through
also where to upload .unity3d files

>>w7 890  30oct2018(tu)13:46  No.64467  M  P34
hello? anyone here

i really have lots of these .unity3d files
i got them from
now where 2 upload
also sorry my grammar

>>w7 890  23nov2018(fr)10:26  No.65095  N  P35R27
another one

allow script access for the swf
so it can interact with the html
(this might be dangerous)
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