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>>Anonymous  30jan2018(tu)04:33  No.56744  OP  P1
Getting Flash To Work On Linux

I got this cracked version of Flash CC2015 because I wanted to test out whether it would even work. I installed wine and was able to install it without any problems, however when I try to run the actual Flash.exe it runs the loading bar and crashes with a stackoverflow error. Any ideas on what I can do to mitigate this? If it's as simple as increase how much stack memory the wine process has access to, I'd love to know how to do that.
Thanks for any help.

>>Lm user named w7 890  24sep2018(mo)16:41  No.63658  A  P2R1
Me 2 m8 im using linux mint right now
>>micr0fag  28sep2018(fr)20:25  No.63762  B  P3R2
haha lol

what a bunch of lunix fags

>>AntAnon  28sep2018(fr)20:28  No.63763  C  P4R3
wtf dude
I hope u get BSOD
>>Anonymous  29sep2018(sa)03:46  No.63768  D  P5R4
Nah, he'll probably just get an update while he's doing something important and lose all of his unsaved data
>>w7 890  29sep2018(sa)09:40  No.63775  E  P6R5 ownloads.html

i think i found a solution
turns out they have a linux version of flash player SA

>>w7 890  29sep2018(sa)09:42  No.63776  E  P7
i forgot this


>>Anonymous@debian-sid  29sep2018(sa)11:56  No.63781  F  P8R6
Looks like it's broken:

He's asking how to run Flash CC, now called Adobe Animate.
Flash Player projector is simple to run since it has a native Linux release. And the Flash Player plugin can be installed by copying to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/.

>>w7 890  29sep2018(sa)17:33  No.63783  E  P9R7
ok sorry about that
>>w7 890  10nov2018(sa)07:28  No.64766  G  P10R8

try using KVM
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