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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22dec2017(fr)21:42  No.55678  SWF  P1
New Connection

swfchan is back online after the longest downtime in several years: 11.5 days!

What happened was I decided to restart the server's connection like I've done many, many times before. But for some reason it got stuck this time and stopped accepting connections. So I contacted support. No response, eventually I got back the emails due to them being impossible to deliver. So I tried other emails. Eventually I managed to track down the company owner through a different company and all I got was "we're working on getting the support mail up again". I explained my problem but there were no further communication and nothing happened, even though most likely all that was needed was a manual force-reboot by them. I can't really remember how long I've been a customer of theirs (six years maybe?) but with all the recent minor connectivity issues this was the final straw.

So after looking around for something suitable we're now online with a different company. I have no idea how stable these guys are but on paper the site should actually be faster than before. I hope their hardware can handle the site's traffic just fine. We'll see how everything works out, for now I'm just very happy to get swfchan back up in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas guys!

(Threads and flashes were archived like normal during the downtime.)

>>Anonymous  22dec2017(fr)23:07  No.55683  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  22dec2017(fr)23:17  No.55684  B  P3R2
/f/ here, thank you very much for working so hard to get the site back up and running. Here's to hopefully not having any issues with the new company, and you not having to worry about this shit anymore for the holidays.
>>Anonymous  22dec2017(fr)23:34  No.55685  C  P4R3
I wasn't even hoping for swfchan to made it back this year. Fingers crossed on the new host to solve problems faster than the last one.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)00:37  No.55689  D  P5R4
I was almost thinking swfchan died or was shut down forever without being able to find anything about it in the internet o-o
>>Nyanonymous  23dec2017(sa)02:33  No.55692  E  P6R5
Thank you and merry Christmas.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)03:35  No.55693  F  P7R6
I usually dont post but youre the man now dog
>>???? ????  23dec2017(sa)05:39  No.55694  G  P8R7
Life is good!
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)06:01  No.55695  H  P9R8
Cool, thought a piece of the internet was lost.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)06:45  No.55696  I  P10R9
Good work! Now we can get back to solving the financial problems after the holidays.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)10:57  No.55703  J  P11R10
It feels fucking good to be alive
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)11:03  No.55706  K  P12R11
Looks like I jinxed it in the last thread. Sorry, SWFAnts!
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)12:46  No.55709  L  P13R12
Merry Christmas and thanks for getting the site back up.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)14:19  No.55710  M  P14R13
swfchan lives again
its a christmas miracle!
>>Godines2018  23dec2017(sa)14:25  No.55711  N  P15R14
Merry christmas

I'm glad that swfchan are back!!!! I wish to you a blessed merry christmas and a wonderful happy new year.

>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)16:32  No.55712  O  P16R15

No, but seriously, thanks for everything you do, Ants. The flash community couldn't be where it is today without you.

>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)16:45  No.55713  P  P17R16
thanks bro Merry Christmas
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)20:20  No.55721  Q  P18R17
Glad to hear that the site is up again, i was wondering what the hell was going on.
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)20:25  No.55722  R  P19R18
Thank you for all of your efforts and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
>>Anonymous  23dec2017(sa)22:30  No.55726  S  P20R19
A Crimmuh miracle indeed. Bless
>>johndoe314  24dec2017(su)13:16  No.55748  T  P21R20
Thanks for the news! I was kinda worried, hoping there wasn't some takedown shenanigans or something, all I was able to find on the internet was "Welp, it's down." Glad to hear it's back up and running, and thank you so much for your hard work in keeping the site running!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25dec2017(mo)11:12  No.55757  SWF  P22R21
Cheers for all the kind words guys!

Warms the heart.

>>Nanonymous  26dec2017(tu)10:05  No.55789  U  P23R22
>>Anonymous  27dec2017(we)00:23  No.55810  V  P24R23
Thank god lol
>>Anonymous  27dec2017(we)21:51  No.55828  W  P25R24
dude i nearly had a heart attack
>>Anonymous  31dec2017(su)00:44  No.55914  K  P26R25
Got some issues, I think it's on swfchan's side ... Hard to tell around newyear.
Get a lot of cloudflare connection errors, or just regular timeouts, the site seems slow overall. It's very sporadically though. Some of the time it works just fine.
Tried uploading a 40mb flash to /gg/, but I get a connection timeout everytime.
Looks like a rocky start with the new server, or people just now noticed swfchan is back on and start flocking in en masse.

Here's to a new prosperous year on swfchan. Cheers!

>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)03:24  No.55943  X  P27R26
Site seems to be struggling again, earlier I couldn't connect to it at all.
>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)03:24  No.55944  X  P28
Site seems to be struggling again, earlier I couldn't even connect to it at all and I even had trouble trying to have this post be posted.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  2jan2018(tu)03:44  No.55946  SWF  P29R27
I've noticed the site's been slow too. Just restarted the new connection and that seem to have done the trick? Have been hesitant to do it during the holidays since it's what got us into this mess in the first place on the old conn but now that I know it works I'll try to do it more quickly whenever I notice the site is sluggish.
Happy new year people!

Edit: Made it so that it auto-restarts every day now. Happens during the time when swfchan usually has the smallest number of users online. Sucks for those downloading a flash right at that moment but I reason that 30 sec of downtime every day is a small price to pay for non-diminishing speeds.

>>Anonymous  2jan2018(tu)04:12  No.55948  X  P30R28
Thanks dude, happy new year to you too.
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