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>>Anonymous  11nov2017(sa)20:54  No.54990  OP  P1
yuuka.swf (272.6 KiB)
640x700, Compressed. 25 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]
>>me. meeseeks  29dec2017(fr)07:17  No.55857  A  P2R1
I picked the second option cause I didn’t know what the fuck they said and now I’m trying to comprehend what the FUCK just happened
>>Anonymous  29dec2017(fr)09:42  No.55859  B  P3R2
what the fuck IS actually going on? Everything is bad end. every menu just raises more questions. HALP
>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)03:44  No.55968  C  P4R3
I'm going to guess that this isnt the full game and so every option leads to bad end
>>Anon  4jan2018(th)03:49  No.55994  D  P5R4
1. Pick the second Option.
2. Click the Guy in Black in left Corner quick.
3. Click on her Belly.
4. Get 3 Watermelons then click the Potion.
5. Get 3 Sevens undress her top then Bottom.
6. Use the Potion and have Fun with her until Warnings Pops up.
7. Click below of the button then a Red Wire and Blue Wire appears.
8. Click the hidden Wire on the Bottom end between Red and Blue Wire.
9. First option is Auto Mode.
Second option is Bad Ending!
Third Option is ejaculation. Have Fun ^^
>>Anonymous  4jan2018(th)07:11  No.55999  E  P6R5

Is this the Dark Souls of porn games?

>>Anonymous  7jan2018(su)09:36  No.56064  F  P7R6
ooooooh you haven't played the flandre one
or the seduce zone-tan swf
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