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>>Dumper  12oct2017(th)09:26  No.54177  OP  P1
Tifa and Red Reverse Cowgirl

Sorry knot-haters. Original art by malkiorx.
My collection: re--726/

Tifa_Red3.swf (201.2 KiB)
345x500, Compressed. 4 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Dumper  12oct2017(th)09:28  No.54178  OP  P2
Oh forgot to mention, I made it "less extreme" than the original.
Eg. tummy inflation and boobs are smaller.
>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)10:56  No.54181  A  P3R1
Though I normally despise knots, your stuff is somehow good enough to help me look past it.
I love it, keep this shit up.
>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)10:56  No.54182  B  P4R2
do you have a version with tummy inflation and the boob size?
>>--  12oct2017(th)18:47  No.54185  C  P5R3

this is almost perfect except the bulge

>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)22:57  No.54186  D  P6R4
But are you going to do a legit doggystyle animation? That's some hot shit.
>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)23:51  No.54187  E  P7R5
again with the dog dick... i mean its good but still
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)00:27  No.54188  F  P8R6
mah hero delivers again!
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)03:04  No.54189  G  P9R7
So you said it's less extreme than the original? Then where is the original? I googled the hell out of malkiorx, but couldn't find anything.
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)08:56  No.54193  H  P10R8
daaaamn son, those juggs are huuuge. her back gotta be very muscular
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)08:57  No.54194  H  P11
>boobs are smaller
daaaaaaaamn son
>>Dumper  13oct2017(fr)13:07  No.54200  OP  P12R9
No, but it shouldn't be too hard for me to edit.
Because you don't like bulge or is it something else?
Also easily found on rule34 sites.
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)13:11  No.54201  OP  P13
You mean in general or Tifa/Red combo? Because I've done a few d-style before (actually one of my favourites) but I try to space them out in case people get sick of the same position all the time.
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)15:23  No.54203  I  P14R10
Very nice, but what about audio? The ones on Bowser was done properly.
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)19:30  No.54209  G  P15R11
Thanks, I was only turning up a blank hentai foundry account. I didn't even think to look at rule 34 or pixviv, thanks.
>>Anonymous  14oct2017(sa)01:13  No.54215  J  P16R12
Personally dont mind the dog dick at all. Good shit once again! Hope to see more. I think the titjob was my favorite.
>>Anonymous  14oct2017(sa)05:43  No.54221  D  P17R13
Totally makes sense. I meant in regards to Tifa/Red.
>>Anonymous  14oct2017(sa)05:44  No.54222  D  P18
Didn't know you did that vault meat one, fucking awesome.
>>Anonymous  15oct2017(su)05:03  No.54238  K  P19R14
I would like to see a penetration and knot/initial cum animation and a bigger dick. But it's good.
>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)23:17  No.54291  L  P20R15
Great job!

Any chance of smoothing the transition between scenes?
I also liked the alternate path you used in the 2nd flash

Keep up the good work
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