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>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  6oct2017(fr)17:32  No.54020  OP  P1
Lois Griffin: Working Wife (18+ Commission)

Had fun with this one!

EroPharaoh - Lois Griffin pub.swf (5.68 MiB)
950x950, Compressed. 27 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)17:43  No.54022  A  P2R1
>lois griffin sex moans
thanks i hate it
>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)21:42  No.54030  B  P3R2

I mean Oolay-Tiger has a nice voice normally...

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)23:47  No.54031  C  P4R3

Blame the character. She's got a pretty shrill voice

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)23:48  No.54032  C  P5
In retrospect, Lois looked oddly angry to me.
GG tho.
>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)02:31  No.54034  D  P6R4
Pretty good overall, aside from the voice. I mean, it's pretty spot on, but the Lois voice is obviously not meant for moaning.

Keep it up, Ero.

>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)03:20  No.54035  E  P7R5
Nice thanks!
>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)03:25  No.54036  F  P8R6
Pretty good, except for the voice. It would be nice though if there was some actual difference between vag/anal as in she might have a different expression showing which she enjoys more.
>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)03:54  No.54037  G  P9R7
Always nice to see your latest work and that you still put faith into this godforsaken website.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  7oct2017(sa)07:12  No.54039  OP  P10R8
There's a nice ballgag to mute her voice under "system options" ;)

This specific expression was requested, it's supposed to be more "dom" than angry.


Thank you, plenty of good people on this website - just like the rest of the internet, the loudest dumbest people are just who you see the most. ;)

>>Shrek  7oct2017(sa)17:17  No.54063  H  P11R9
I really like the originality with Lois voice, it's like a tribute for the source material.

Good fap nonetheless, it's like eating a big mac after getting sick with cheap chinese food ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)17:26  No.54065  C  P12R10
Are both me.

I noticed the ballgag, but I purposely left it off. Her voice is shrill, that was a joke they made in the show, but I love Lois as she is almost as much as Brian.

Also GG Pharoh. You're one of the good things about flash.

>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  7oct2017(sa)20:27  No.54069  OP  P13R11
Thanks again Shrek! ;)

Thanks :) I don't mind Lois' voice (perhaps because of my love of everything Alex Borstein) but I can definitely see why people wouldn't.

>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)21:03  No.54070  I  P14R12
These are so hilarious. I sponsored you on Patron EroPharaoh!
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  7oct2017(sa)22:48  No.54074  OP  P15R13
Hey, thanks! :)
>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)01:02  No.54075  J  P16R14
great job man

you remembered!

>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)02:03  No.54079  A  P17R15
In the future, can there be an option to turn the voice off without a ball gag? It just doesnt make much sense to me that if theyre being dom, they would have themselves gagged too.
also bdsm isnt really my thing. Thanks!
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  8oct2017(su)03:25  No.54082  OP  P18R16
Thanks, and yes I did! ;)

Unfortunately I probably won't be adding anything to this one unless the commission guy wants me to.

>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)19:57  No.54097  A  P19R17
haha I didn't mean in this one, I just meant in future projects. Thanks~
>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)22:25  No.54099  K  P20R18
Is there a way to remove her face?
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  9oct2017(mo)00:38  No.54103  OP  P21R19
Sticky notes can be helpful, just gotta find the right size!
>>Anonymous  9oct2017(mo)04:06  No.54105  G  P22R20
Although I preferred your other stuff, for some reason this doesn't really turn me on. Maybe I just don't find Family Guy porn attractive or something. Not your fault.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  9oct2017(mo)05:22  No.54107  OP  P23R21
Have you tried the sticky note suggestion for the other guy? Might help. ;)
>>Anonymous  10oct2017(tu)05:17  No.54122  G  P24R22
What do you mean?
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  10oct2017(tu)06:36  No.54125  OP  P25R23
LOL I was saying cover her face.
>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)00:37  No.54329  L  P26R24
Happy Circumcised/Uncircumcised is an option.
Even Zone ain't got that.

Any chance of making the panties/bra clickable/wearable?

>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  18oct2017(we)02:10  No.54337  OP  P27R25
Thanks :)
I won't be adding to this unless the commission guy wants something added though, sorry.
>>Jesus  18oct2017(we)13:19  No.54352  M  P28R26
this is actually good

seems like Ero is the new porn messiah

>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  18oct2017(we)13:55  No.54353  OP  P29R27
Ha, thanks! I've got a long ways to go still though! ;)
>>Anonymous  30dec2017(sa)08:55  No.55885  N  P30R28
Needs more Meg
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